Because we get more and more visits and visitors everyday I think is good idea to inform you about our future plans.               


I’m very excited to see that everyday we have more and more managers who are visiting us and the best part is more managers start to comment and engage more and for us this is something very important.
There’s no doubt we are the best Top Eleven website and here are some of our future plans to improve the website:




  1. CHAT – This is something that is very likely to happen if I manage to find a good and clean chat platform. There are a lot of advantages for both sides if you have a chat and I am thinking very seriously. The good part is, we might look for some chat moderators who would be rewarded with some cool things, every month!
  2. LINKS PAGE – For sure we will update that page because there are some few new pages that you might find them useful.
  3. RESOURCES – Isn’t went as I expected from the start but I’ve seen a good activity there so I will try to update it when I will have more time but it will be a bit different then is at the moment.
  4. CONTEST – More and more are coming!
  5. OTHERS – But those 4 are our priorities. Of course in this time we will continue to update you with the latest news.


Thanks to the new plugin I’ve installed, now I can track much easier what you are searching for when you visit the page and these are few of the them: free tokens, old version, redeem codes, free jerseys & emblems , etc.
Sooner I will try to cover all your searches with some unique post and talk more about them. I guess it will please you and that’s www.topeleven.info main goal!


In the last 20 days we passed over 200.000 visits and 25.000 visitors. Thank you!



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