World Cup IInd Edition -Season128

As many of you know, the last season we played the 2nd edition of the Community World Cup.

Once we completed the 4 Continental Qualify rounds, we had the 16 managers and different nations that finally joined the last phase of our community competitions, the World Cup.

It was an amazing edition where finally Zimbabwe and it’s manager @a.gavrilin lifted the trophy, and won the right to use the special World Cup Winners emblem, which is actually the most rare item inside the Top Eleven lands, after the Academy Emblem which only have 4 copies.

Here the resume of the WC IInd Edition, as you can see the amount of goals is really huge, Senegal and Mali completed the podium, Chile with @FC Simples as manager, did a great edition fighting for the 3rd place.

So, congratz to all those who were playing with us, it was so fun, and really competitive┬á ­čÖé

The Qualify Rounds for the IIIrd Community World Cup have already started and we completed the Eurocup in Top Eleven World Friends, and the Copa America -actually in semifinals really- in the Forum.

The season 130 will have the Africa cup as a Forum activity and the Copa Asia in Top Eleven Elite.

we are waiting for you to join our community competitions, and the Forum Challanges that we plan every regular season! ­čÖé




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