We are finally back with the lucky winners from our last 2 contests “4000 Likes” and “Win a real top eleven t-shirt”.



Because I would announce the winners, I would like to apologize for the short delay and because it was a very busy weekend for me I could not announce the winners.





The lucky winner of the 50 tokens contest hosted on my Facebook page is Lazar Lucian ! Congratulations and please check your PM on Facebook to receive your reward.

The lucky winner of a real Top Eleven jersey is Thiago Santos ! Congratulations and also check your inbox both on Facebook and E-mail.


  1. Only one winner is not enough, what’s the chance of winning coz millions of managers are playing. You should at least give to 100 or 50 managers.

    1. Hello!

      Well is impossible for me to say. As you can see there are dozens if not hundred of people you compete against and mostly there is one or 2 winners so the chances are pretty small but one thing is for sure. If you don’t try is impossible to win!

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