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Hello again, this is our second post of the day and we have some very good news. Now you can get some free tokens without to much work.                                                                                           


Top Eleven is clearly reinventing itself this year and we have a lot of major changes so far with others coming very sooner but these are only good news for us because we finally can see a good activity from the game creators.


Not long ago, Top Eleven and Mourinho released a very funny video on YouTube but they also give you the chance to win some tokens.



How many tokens? Almost unlimited if you have dozens of Twitter accounts and I am pretty sure somebody will take the advantage of this system and try to earn few extra but all the bad for a greater good I suppose.


To win the tokens you need to follow this link:  WIN 3 TOKENS FOR FREE , Tweet and once you did it you will receive a redeem code in value of 3 tokens. As I said, you can win more tokens if you have more twitter accounts. I assume there’s no limit but I guess there’s a limited time for this offer, maybe few days so if you want to win, tweet today!
I’ve also made a video to make it easier for you, I’ve missed the step of tweeting because I made it before but in big lines, that’s quite everything you have to do.

Remember that you must have at least 10 followers if you want this to work, otherwise you might not receive the redeem code.

PS: The redeem code available in the video was already redeemed and is not working anymore. Don’t waste your time trying to use it.


    1. Hey Tafon, read clip description, you will see a link that’s also in the article. First you must access that link, then tweet and only after that you will receive a redeem code. Good luck!

    1. Maybe you need to be connected to another internet connection but this is something I do not recommend.

      1. If follow the link and posted it on ma twitter but did nt get any reward…i have more than 30followers.
        This is ma twitter username… Anderson@andex2020. Pls hw can i get ma 3 token

  1. Guys, don’t try making new accounts for more tokens. Its of no use. Once the redeem is complete, the game will not accept any other codes as it is completed once in your account. It will say “It is already redeemed the code”. Dont try and waste your time. Just try to use your tokens more efficiently. Hope this helps you. Thankx

  2. I did my first account on twitter to take 3 tokens … but surprise 🙁 i need 10 followers :)) i waste my precious time for nothing :)) FU Twitter

  3. Yes, me too.
    Note: You need to have at least 10 followers, and you can tweet only once.
    “Your twitter account does not have enough followers!”
    I don`t use Twitter, i don`t have friends….i don`t win tokens. Bullshit.

  4. Lets follow each others pn twitter.. You follow me, and I will follow you back.. This is my twitter : @tulangbeni Thanks…


  5. But I could not get any response from it ooooooo! I follow and also retweet nothing happens pls fix it for me. Oh I remember that I was told to come back to u and give complain, that u have the reward with you, admin.

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