Win Orlova FC Premium Logo

We are ready to give away another item for free. This time I’m gonna offer the emblem of Orlova FC. Are you ready to win?    


Orlova FC is the most popular team from Top Eleven and the first and only team so far with an unique team so if you are looking to win this emblem register because you don’t have anything to lose!


To register at our contest the only thing you need to do is to comment with “particip” (not 100% necessary) and post your Facebook profile link in the comment section.

Emblem 0


PS: If you never posted before on this website, it will take few minutes before your comment will be displayed public.


Good luck to all of you in-game and visit us on our FB page at ORLOVA FC – FACEBOOK.


Edit: The lucky winner of the contest is the user Francielle , please check your FB inbox for more details. 


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