Win Galatasaray SK Emblem and Jersey

I just prepared another great contest for you so don’t miss this great chance to win the emblem and jersey of Galatasaray.    


Long time since we hosted our last contest on here on blog but don’t worry because we still have plenty resources to host many contests from now on.







This time we are offering the emblem replica and jersey replica of Galatasaray SK who’s one of the biggest club if not the biggest club from Turkey and of course the most popular Turkish club around the world.


If you want to win these amazing rewards is very simple and the only thing you have to do is to register with just a simple comment with your Facebook profile link (or ID).


The winner of the contest will be announced on Saturday during the day but also don’t forget to check our page these days because we will have a very big contest just for you where you can win a lot of items.


Good luck to everyone and don’t forget as always to share this contest with your best friends!

The winner is: (Mohammed Seif)


  1. Is it necessary to have a Facebook ID to participate in the contest ??.
    I play this game via Android smartphone using google account and do not have a Facebook ID.

  2. Hey buddy, hope u well..I hav a suggestion or question for top eleven, they is a limit of how many token can b earned during a season, so why dnt they reward manages who win titles nt only prize money but also tokens and why can’t they reward players that win the golden boot or most assist or best rated player with tokens or prize money..atleast with the extra token we can upgrade kits..thanx

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