We are ready to give away a real Top Eleven jersey (t-shirt) to celebrate and promote the new opening of Top Eleven Fan Shop!


This is your amazing chance to get a free jersey without paying for it or for the shipping because all the costs will be covered for you.


It doesn’t matter where you from, pretty much all the countries are covered and to get the jersey you only need to register and of course to be the lucky winner.



The reward at this contest will be a jersey in value of up to 17.49 € + shipping cost and you are free to choose what jersey to you want from Top Eleven Fan Shop.


To register at our contest you only need to leave a comment with your e-mail address or your Facebook profile link.


We will announce the winner in the last day of the season or the latest in the first day of the new season so don’t forget to come back and check if you are the lucky winner who would get a jersey from the Top Eleven Shop.


If you like what you can find in the shop, why not placing and order and be a real fan of the game, we will sooner try to promote all your pictures wearing Top Eleven stuffs.


I already made an order few hours after they released the on-line shop and everything went well and I am also happy with the quality of the products.


If you ever plan to buy something from the SHOP, don’t forget to share it with us by sending us a video or a picture!


  1. I am victo from Nigeria. Ever since I had this Top Eleven app, I’ve been addicted to it on daily basis. Sometimes I log in 4 to 5 times just to be sure everything is ok with my team. I wanna thank the management of Top Eleven for the hashtag united fc jersey they gave my team the last time. It really boosted their morale somehow. Winning the Top Eleven T-shirt will be a fabulous moment in my life cos I’ll advice more of my friends to also join and play.
    A picture of the T-Shirt will be displayed on my social media and even on Top eleven as a manager to further promote the image of this great company.

  2. It’s the only game that I play and the only game that I love. So awesome and brilliant. A very very big fan of this game. Thank you for creating it.!

  3. I like the t-shirts wish I could get one so that my friends will know that am not playing top eleven for nothing and I want them to join . Thank You.

  4. Thanks top eleven for this opportunity and May the best manager win. Good luck to everyone and cheers to top eleven.

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