Win 50 tokens

There’s an official contest from Top Eleven where you can win 50 tokens. This might be the perfect gift from the game.    

I noticed that the most of the answer went for the number 2 and some for number 1 but almost none for number 3.


Well if you want to guess the right number and have a chance on winning 50 tokens, listen to us because we have the proof that will guide you to the right answer.

If until now they used pretty popular pictures which was really easier to be discovered now they bought one (I suppose) to make it harder.

The picture is from the Hungarian National Championship under 19 and if you want to see more pictures you can click here.

Here’s the proof so if you plan to register at their Christmas contest, write number 3.


























To register at the contest click here.

We wish you good luck and we hope this post can help you to win the 50 tokens offered as reward. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for you and your families!


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