WIN 50 TOKENS – PART II ended and is time to release the 3rd part & the final part of the contest from Season Goal Fest challenge.

Before I start this contest I would like to congratulate who managed to guess the right numbers of goal needed to unlock the next reward: 6. Your tokens would be added after New Year holiday.

Orlova’s results were: 5-0; 5-0; 6-0; 6-0; 6-0; 4-0.

My next contest is a bit different but a bit easier, you must guess how many goals Orlova would score all together on this challenge.

At the moment we stand at 182 goals with one week left and we are still playing in all the competitions.

goals: 222

Example 2:
id: 101332122
goals: 222

If nobody would guess the right number of goals scored I will pick the closes result to the right number of goals scored.


  1. total goals : 226
    fb :
    manager id : Laga Iriyawan
    id : 8646525575885183247

    GLHF everyone !!!

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