To celebrate the 100th season of Top Eleven, I will organize a series of contests where you can win 50 tokens.

To win the 50 tokens you must guess how many games do I need to unlock the next reward in the 100th SEASON GOAL-FEST challenge.

To register you only need to leave a comment with your Facebook address or ID and the correct number of games needed.
Make sure that you use the link or the ID of the Facebook account where you have your team, otherwise we cannot add them and if your team is not linked to a Facebook account just go to Settings and give us your Manager ID from Social Accounts.

Manager ID: 100000003242321
Games: 8

Once we managed to unlock the first reward I would start the next contest.

Some of my games would be shared on our Facebook page so if you want to increase your chances make sure you follow me


  1. Game : 8
    ID: 100004012795271

    please disregard the first comment, since I wrote in Portuguese. And I also want to change the number of matches.

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