More gifts for you my friends and for sure many other great contests will follow sooner because our goal is to help as many managers as possible.                                                                            


We started a new Facebook contest where you can win 50 tokens just as you want.


The tokens will come as a redeem code so you will have all the tokens to spend them just as you wish!





To register at this contest is very easy and all you have to do is to register just with one comment on our Facebook page: Orlova FC or faster you can access this link.



Don’t forget tomorrow to check our latest contest and see who is the lucky winner of items in value of more then 500 tokens!


Sooner we will have more contests because our goal is to help all of you or as many as we can, also we would have some great news about the game so stay tuned, follow us and get all of the advantages of being a fan of !


  1. i deserve 50 tokens because i help to my two girls best friends, i helped to put in the right formations and buy players to be the best team in the squad and they have achieved a lot then the last time.

  2. Ba,ce dracu se intampla cu jocul asta,cu 3 secunde inainte se termina licitatia (cumparare jucator)si asa pierd si eu 8 t ….

  3. Hi Admin, I have 775 points in my Associations right now, and I’m hoping to score more points before the end of the season so as to cover the 20% that will be deducted from my points. So, will this points I have in my FA grant me a double promotion to Silver Division 1 especially if it’s 750 points?

  4. Bonjour aux fous de foot !

    Je suis Français et je ne comprends pas l’Anglais, sauf avec Google traduction. Mais même sans traduction j’ai bien compris qu’on pouvait gagner 50 tokens sur ce site et je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais ça m’a motivé tout de suite à poster un commentaire pour tenter ma chance de les gagner lol

    longue vie à nos bienfaiteurs

  5. Admin could you please make new category thread for ‘formation’?

    I mean like “Best Order for 4-4-2 Hexagon” or “Best Order for 4-5-1 V Style”?


  6. Thanks admin for the tokens you have given me. I mean this one. I had a dream last night that I won and I have used that token to build a great team. Thanks. Amigo.

  7. All help to enhance my team gratefully accepted. I will even sell my soul to Santa for copious amounts for tokens (but not Satan)


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