With a bit of luck, this week you can end up winning up to 100 tokens very easy!

Yes you heard right! We are back with TOKENS for you because WHY NOT?

We offer you 2 similar alternatives to win 50 tokens on each contest with just one simple answer and few free minutes to spare.

First contest is hosted on our Facebook page and all you have to do is to guess the right number of corners between Tottenham and Manchester United who are gonna play this Sunday.

Rules are pretty simple, go to Orlova FC Facebook page and write the right number. That’s all! You are not forced to like the page, comment or to share it but it would help us a lot if you do it!

One thing to note is that in case we will end up with more correct answers we will choose only one by using .

Second contest is very similar and is this Saturday so make sure you sign up as soon as possible! The contest is as well on Facebook but this time is on a Top Eleven group called TopEleven WorldWide , to register you must have a Facebook account and to join the group, after that you can comment with your prediction and hope to win!

Good luck and hopefully one of you will be the lucky winner!

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