Nothing is better then tokens and because of this we are offering 100 tokens to use them just as you please.                            


Once again we are here with a great gift for you and to create equal chances for everyone I decided to make it simple as usually.


To register you only need to leave a comment with your Facebook profile ID / Link or your e-mail address and that’s it.




Just a quick info for the readers: We already have in plan more contests and also others ongoing and because of this we had to stop the contest “Win Juventus Full Set“a bit earlier but no worries, we already announced a winner because we like to keep our promises.


The deadline for this contest is gonna be 31/07/2016 (last day of the month) and to choose the winner we will use the website


Right after this contest is over we would start another contest where we will offer to a lucky winner, articles in value of no more or less then 500 tokens. Pretty cool, no?



  1. Für 100 Token könnten sich meine Spieler eine längere Zeit erholen und mit perfekter Moral glänzen – und ihr Trainer bräuchte sich nicht über die wenigen Koffer ärgern die z.Zt. nur zur freien Verfügung gestellt werden ?

    1. I don’t think is a good idea because people might create an endless number of accounts and trade them almost for free or even free.

  2. I always support whatever happens on this site, continue like this. Thanks and always a success for us all

  3. Please, give me tokens,
    Only lucky ones do get 100 tokens, what about the rest of them?? No consolation prize????

  4. wish tokens are easier to buy in my region and adverts for tokens are not as great as in other countries like we have in Nigeria. painful!

    1. Well in my country 1000 tokens is equal with half of a minimum salary so people usually don’t afford .

  5. cred că sunt la 100-lea comentariu și tot nu voi câștiga nimic.
    oricum vă doresc să mai administrați jocul încă 10 ani de aici înainte și eu să fiu la nivelul 10 x 12 luni.

    1. I’m very likely the only one who does this kind of contests, except Nordeus of course. I know is not fair but I could use this tokens in another ways then gift it to random people.

    1. Ti-ar trebui undeva la 84 de ani si asta daca ai promova in fiecare sezon. Oricum, sincer nici la nivelul 100 nu cred ca este posibil sa ajungi, cel putin nu in urmatorii 3,4 ani iar asta e valabil pt. toti managerii, inclusiv cei de la cel mai inalt nivel.

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