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As you might noticed we got a new web design but this is not the only new thing we have. A lot of good things happened recently and I am super happy to share them with you.                               


With the help of some beautiful and wonderful people that I had the pleasure to meet recently I was lucky enough to get some “free gifts”.

More exactly I got the chance to improve every major aspect of the website like stability, durability but also to improve the looking and as you noticed we have a brand new and unique design special created for us.





  • A new and better host is here. Despite we didn’t had major problems with the old host I decided to get a even better one as long the number of daily users is increasing


  • Probably the most visible thing is the new design the website received. As you can see is special created for our website and it also have a very friendly Top Eleven looking.


  • At the middle of the month we renew the domain and Top Eleven [dot] INFO will be around more at least 2 more years from now on.

The new design is more friendly with what you want and now you can see on the upper part our social media channel, our YouTube channel and our Facebook Page where you can subscribe and like our work.

On the right side you can also find my team Facebook page, you can give me a like and follow the most popular Top Eleven team.

There’s also an improvement on the LINKS page and on the RESOURCES page, a more friendly looking that will help you for sure to find what are you looking for much easier then before.



Before I move on I am gonna take a look over the old articles to improve them if is necessary and also to see if there are any errors and this is gonna take a while but after that there will a lot more.

Once I am done with that, I will look more to promote the website and I will host some great contests and epic reward so stay tuned and check the website every day to don’t miss a thing!

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