We are back!

Good news for all the readers because after 2 weeks of inactivity I can say that I am back!                                                           

For me less two weeks have been an complete mess and it still is but I will do my best to keep the site updated as much as I can because I always found great people here, ready to learn, share, help, win, etc and I feel like a personal duty to do it.






I already made some promises about some contests but I will do my best to get with them on day and more then that, some new will be on the road, I am ready to share with you more tokens because this is all that we want and need (+no trolling results, of course).


More then that, something is happen in the game, something new so please follow the website because we are always one step ahead anyone and here you can find the best stuff about our favorite game.
Sadly to say the live supporting system is not on-line now but I am looking to sort that as well as soon as possible.


I don’t know what more to tell you  then that I won the league again without losing but that’s something regular for me and yea no worries, I had pretty good opponents but I was lucky, what can I say.
From Sunday I will start to post again regular, there might not be 100% but I will do my best, also very likely in the meanwhile to get new articles as well but I don’t and I can’t promise you anything.


Till next time, stay safe, take care and good luck in Top Eleven!


  1. we miss you and your post, updated news etc. Your followers welcome you (back)… congratz for your last season with your alltime happy ending…hehe

  2. Hey do you have any more of these codes? I really need them. I checked all your post and used all codes that worked. Do you have any new codes? Thanks!?

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