Days ago I accepted Top Eleven invitation to watch with them a Premier League match and it was an amazing experience!

I’ve been lucky enough to receive the full experience from Top Eleven but also from the Stoke FC who offered us everything on plate, literally.

Britannia Stadium, currently bet365 Stadium isn’t a huge one but a stadium that have everything needed to provide a great experience for the fans but also for the players because their pitch was like painted, you could swear is not real.

On the pitch there were many great players and is true that mostly been Arsenal players like Özil, Cech, Ramsey, Lacazette, Giroud but Stoke managed to get a strong team this season and they might even try to get a spot for Europa League because their team is not bad at all and the new signs played very well, especially Jesé, Real Madrid and PSG player in the past, the one who also scored the winning goal.

“But can they do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke”? NO! They couldn’t! Arsenal wasn’t able to take any point because Stoke won with 1-0 thanks to Jesé but also to Jack Butland, Stoke goalkeeper who did a great game and possible the best player of the evening.

We found on internet Jesé goal recorded by a fan from the stands. Lovely fans right?

 … and here are some pictures I managed to took there before the game started.

I do also have a good surprise for you guys but sadly I cannot share it right at the moment but as soon as I will be allowed I will gladly do it, so stay tuned and visit us regularly cause our surprise won’t last for to long.


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