Update Your Jerseys For Free

Now you have the great chance to update your old official jerseys with those from season 2015-2016 very fast and very safe!  


If you got tired of your old official jerseys and you want the new one from the current season you can now exchange them with me at the rate 1-for-1 (1 jersey for 1 jersey).


This offer is available only for the first 30 exchanges but for sure in time I can extend this offer even more jerseys for exchange but this is the current limit.


I’m looking for old jerseys from seasons 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015  and in exchange I offer any new jerseys from 2015-2016 that are available in the shop, no matter of the jersey price.


(show us what you have!)

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If you plan to update your jerseys, just leave a comment with what you want and what do you offer and I will contact you as soon as possible in order to finish the exchange.

The exchange is 100% safe and you have no reasons to be worried. I will also provide all the proves requested if is necessary.


      1. With my premium jersey number 22 in shop , white jersey with blue and red line … Can i exchange it with the new jersey from PAOK FC 3rd jersey

      2. I have my old premium jersey to exchange … My old jersey like in club shop number 22 premium jersey , white color with blue and red line jersey … Can i exchange it with the new jersey ……

    1. Hello Chelsea. At the moment is impossible to add Chelsea in the game because of some EPL rules. Top Eleven can’t do anything…. But who knows, maybe we will see some replicas sooner.

  1. There isn’t the Barcelona kits in the latest update of top eleven. Can you please get the kits in the next update

    Thank you

  2. I am looking for Boca Juniors emblem and both shirts for Top Eleven. If anyone would like to do a trade im willing to purchase any emblem and shirts in exchange for Boca Juniors. Please comment if this interests you

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