It is a really very nice feeling when you see that your requests are heard by Top Eleven developers and you see them in-game.


Finally after years of requests from hundred and hundred of people, Top Eleven decided to change something on the U-21 players that we received from our academies.


The update on Youth Academy Players did not come with anything special but with something very good for all the managers.



The prices for U-21 players from the academy have been decreased significantly and pretty much everyone should afford now to buy the “4 stars” players.

To be honest at the moment I do not have to many details about the prices but for example, today I received my U-21 players and as usually the lower one in quality who was 2 stars was free and the one that had 4 stars, well almost 5, I bought him for only 6 tokens.
I really think that this is a decent price and clearly more fair then 20+ as it was before.


All together, a small update but a very good one, this is pretty much what we need nowadays!




  1. I have a question and i Hope to get answer here cause i dont know where else to ask.
    Why the quality of a player is determined by the averege off ALL atributes ? I cant believe that a striker that has 139% defense 59% attack and 59% mental is better than a striker with 39%defense 99% attack and 99% mental…IT should be the averege off the active skills for every position that he is playing…so If he is amc/st when i play him amc he should Be for eg : 99% and when i ply him st he should Be 79% for eg…..depending on his active skills …..i donț think that in reality a player plays exactly the same on 2,3 diferrently possitions….Hope to gear from You soon..ty

    1. Hey Marian! Technically it should work like that but is a mystery. I do not believe in these such of things, I believe just what I see based on results, same like I do not believe in counter formations and so on because nobody could prove me that they work.

  2. This player after i trained him 6 years he has agressivity heading and finishing (8,2,9) but he dont need those…why should they count?
    I ce attached the pic

  3. Well its a good update thx.. but honestly my opinion ( always rebuild my team from 5-6 stars) dont need to buy an U21 for 6 tokens.. just my opinion and i say it with all respect cos its an ok update for me. I just really wish that will be a special offer to buy tokens.. its really been a while since i see another super offer..that interests me more :p . Thx for d update though. Its good to see this amazing app grow for the better (y)

  4. What I said on the forum: useless

    Any manager who takes himself seriously dont buy 4* players. I will never spend a token on a 4*

  5. I think that the players that come from the youth academy should be free beacuse they are trained from your youth academy I dont think you should pay tokens for those players . (My personal opinion)

  6. When I start playing it was a daily reward first week or two (different every day plus to choose A B C, like additional reward) and that after 1-2 weeks stops. Do you know what should I do to get back that ?

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