7th of July – release

Nordeus released a new update for Top Eleven and in big lines is just about fixes but some of them are very good.                  


Yesterday Top Eleven posted on their official forum the new release that I also decided that is gonna be good to share it here with you because you might not follow their forum and you can find these new fixes and improvements useful.





The new release was made for all the available platforms in the game and here’s everything you need to know:



– Issues joining Association matches are now rarer
– Chat issues
– Loan issues
– Live Match Notifications not shown in some cases
– Duplicated notifications
– Display issue with impossible attendance bonus (like 178%)
– Some issues with text overlapping
– “Unavailable” managers issues are now rarer
– UK flag instead of English flag for Manager / Association nationality
– Issue with Fireworks reward popup after tournament finishes
– Chat button won’t cover Ground building X button anymore



– Adjusted Associations matchmaking according to user feedback
– Adjusted view of tournament opponent’s quality in Home Screen to match star scaled ratings when clicking on his emblem
– Improved Training screen when a loaned player is in the lineup
– Improved chat experience when sending messages
– Improved chat: now you can see who’s online
– Corrected exclamation mark that was visible on Fans whenever you join an Association match
– Selling or accepting offers for players on Loan from your Squad improvements: option to recall player is given
– Better explanation about which Division the user’s Association is
– Improved countdown to next tournament
– Improved experience when a user joins an Association while draw is taking place
– Improved “Leave Association” icon to make it more visible and hint added
– Improved sorting of Managers within an Association by points and goal difference



– Added International as an option for country in Associations
– Added more emblems to Associations (and more to come!)
– You can now search Associations while you are member of one
– Added player role in auto-subs for Associations
– Added support for 3D touch on iOS


I really like the new updates and despite they are small they can make the difference sometimes. Small details are shaping the beauty of the game.


Here are few pictures with the new changes in the Association tab:


Friends Chat Option (very good and useful thing, especially if you don’t have them on FB as friends)


Search Option in Association (before it was available only if you was not in an Association)


International Icon for Association (people asked, Top Eleven provided)


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  1. I like the aptly called improvement, but Associations is getting worst by the day, via tournament by tournament. Throughout the last tournament, I couldn’t log in and stay logged in to follow my matches. So sad! Too Eleven must have to correct this error bugs.

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