Unknown Positions by The Prof

Hi elite managers from The Prof 👋🏿
Time to continue the discussion about ‘ match reading ‘
Today i will start a discussion about ” unknown psitions “, positions that can be important to know in order to counter them during your matches or during match preparation.
The discussion will be divided in some parts :
  • Part 1 : The sweeper
  • Part 2 : The defensive wide midfielders
  • Part 3 : The Attacking wide midfielders
  • Part 4 : The ‘ Central Wingers ‘ ( aka second
    strikers or shadow strikers )
  • Part 5 : The Wide strikers ( aka 3 St combination )
The Sweeper
( story part )
The Sweeper ( also called half-back or ‘Libero’ ) was a role introduced during the 1960-70′, when the defensive tactic ‘Catenaccio’ and Man- marking were widely used in football. Initially it was a pure defensive role, a DC that was free from marking tasks and his job was to clear and help in case the opposiotion players managed to escape the other players marking . So a free man in defence as a emergency weapon in case was needed.
Some years later , ( late 60′ -early 70′ ) some teams started to give him also ” playmaking tasks “, one great example was Hellenio Herrera’s Grande Inter that played a fluid counter attack football , with long balls launched by the sweeper once the recovered the ball deep in their half.
A master in this role was for sure Franz Beckenbauer , a defender that was able to play like a midfielder , that won the WC in 1974 with Germany.
After the Dutch ‘ total football ‘ introduced the Zonal system of marking + a aggressive offside trap , the role died for some time, cause playing with a libero don’t allow the defence to stay in line and this ruin any attempt to perform the trap. ( you can see an image below to understand better )
The role came back in mordern days but with some tweaks to make it effective for the offside rule ( that change 2 times after 1980 ).
So When playing vs a 3-DC system , you should consider to play wide. Playing in the middle , unless you have far superior players there, will be like going into a Wall🚧. The aim will be to exploit the space on the flanks ( unless they are covered by the DL/DR, in that case you will need more players in front to brake that 5 man defence ). While playing a 3-DC vs a system that have only central strikers ( 2sts for example ) could be a good solution cause of the numerical superiority that will help in both phases.
So whatchout for oppo formation , and make the right decision.
Ty for reading 🙂, next part 2 with ML & MR that act like ”fullbacks”

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