UK Tour Challenge is the latest challenge from Top Eleven and it comes with the best rewards in-game that we had so far.

This new challenge comes with some great rewards and a nice story but it’s also more difficult to complete it then the previous challenges we had in Top Eleven.

The challenge will take you thru all UK and ask you to complete with some big clubs from UK main cities. The challenge starts in Cardiff and would end in London but after you will pass thru Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

Once you pass thru a city you will be able to claim some unique rewards: Cardiff – 1 token; Liverpool – 3 green boosters; Belfast – 5 tokens; Glasgow – 10 green boosters; Manchester – One random player between 5 to 7 stars; Birmingham – 30 tokens & UK Tour jersey; London – 100 tokens & UK Tour emblem.

UK Tour Rules:

  • You get one attempt at the challenge. If you lose, you need to restart the tour from the beginning or the last unlocked checkpoint.
  • You only earn rewards the first time you defeat a club.
  • A checkpoint is unlocked after reaching the 4th city. Any new challenge attempt will begin from that city.
  • Your players do not lose condition and cannot be injured in challenge matches.

The rules are pretty fair and the rewards the same but you must be careful because once you failed to beat one of the teams, you must start the challenge from the start or from the first check point (Glasgow) but to do it you must pay a tax of 12 tokens.

True that the amount seems to be pretty high thinking it’s a fair challenge but remember that you can win in total 136 tokens, 8 green boosters, 1 player, 1 jersey and 1 emblem.

I’m trying now on the last 100 meters to finish the challenge and I only need to beat the last team Tower Bridge but doesn’t look like an easy task because my opponent have 9 stars.

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