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Another viable suggestion to Top Eleven developers to improve the game and surely players perception about the game.     

At the moment the game need fully positive updates to please the players after the last update where the opinion are very divided.


U-21 hasn’t changed from the begins of the game and since then the system didn’t pleased the managers very much and the main reason was always the same “the price” which was way to big in their opinions and also mine.





The U-21 is generating two types of players, free & cost players under 5 stars but let’s get a closer look to them:


Free U-21 : Always 2 stars players and I assume 99% of the players are doing exactly like me, sell him without using him very much or maybe not at all. For low levels is a very good way to earn some extra cash.
Cost U-21 : 3 & 4 stars players who normally develop faster then the rest, maybe because they are 18 years old but their price is very big in my opinion and I have some good arguments for this.


The price for a 3 or 4 stars players from U-21 is usually around 20 tokens and with this tokens I can get a good player directly from negotiation or few from the transfer market which can help me way more.


Also the 3 or 4 stars players without some extra training and here I’m talking about some power training wouldn’t be able to do to much and to be that player who can win your game almost alone.


Another aspect would be the place he comes from, the academy which is part of your team and I don’t think in real life you pay money to yourself to sign a player from your academy. The only thing you should pay is just his salary and nothing else.


As a suggestion for the players and even for Top Eleven developers  who can take a look and learn. At the moment for many players with average teams, it can be much better to sign players from recommendation which probably are better and cost less.



When you have this type of players on recommendation the cost player from U-21 is just a number and nothing useful that worth the effort to sign him.


This can be a good and viable suggestion for #wecare2016 Top Eleven campaign.



  1. Are the price of recommended players always at the cost reasonably small amount of tokens? Many of my recommendations have been at a high price of 40~70t, only once have i got the youngest player at the price of around 19 tokens. Is a recommended player’s price generated at random or does it change throughout the season or by level etc.? Thanks.

    1. Hey Connor the system is pretty smart I can say because everything depends on your general quality. The lower your quality is the lower the players are.

      The system is looking to make prices so everyone can afford or at least is trying this.

      A 2,3 stars team normally don’t afford a player at 70 tokens like you have.

      That’s why I pointed in my article that the players who are more likely to buy youngster from U-21 are those with low quality who can’t buy from Transfer Market, I know many cases like this but once with the rec. players, the U-21 is almost pointless to them.

    1. Este o sugestie referitor la jucatorii de la U-21, pe scurt e o cerere/sugestie sa scoata jetoanele cerute pentru cel de-al doilea jucator de la U-21 care de regula costa intre 15-20+ jetoane.

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