Transfer Market Update

Another update coming up from Top Eleven and this time they are aiming to change the Transfer Market.

Top Eleven released a new announce where they said that sooner we would have a new change on the auction market and also released a picture but they hid the new feature letting us to see only the new visual update .

For sure there would be a visual update which would allow us to understand much easier when the player would reach a new star. You can see this in the picture!

What they hid in this picture is the “deadline” so the update might be there, we believe that now we might be able to set a price for sale on the player which could be a good thing and would allow us to sell much faster, increase better our revenue but also could help other managers to avoid endless bidding wars.

I also got some others rumors from Top Eleven but I don’t think is gonna be that and is something we don’t really agree with because as we know the players, most of would look to take an advantage. Yet, could be a good fix for high level managers who struggle to sell their players.

The update might be released this week or the next one so players the players can enjoy the new feature in the 92 season of Top Eleven.


  1. This update will inflate the transfer market. Players value will reach sky high. Very bad upgrade.

  2. Most useless update I’ve seen….makes you spend loads of tokens to get one player, though its good that you get your tokens back if you lose (tbh otherwise I would uninstall the game lol)
    Besides the new feature with players stars is just s*** cos I think no one could complain not to know when a player gained the next star if you just have to read the percentage (and thanks to the new system the stars just look bad)

  3. Lots off players looking for new manager after update.
    The transfer market is a misunderstanding. You can not buy a better player for less than 20 tokens and it’s the end of the season. In the beginning prices will reach absurd values. 10 seasons and probably will have to say goodbye to this game and friends are even in 34 season and want to resign. Read feedback on google play.

  4. Hello since latest update i havent been able to get onto the first screen without it kicking me off. Its the 3rd day now i haven’t been able to manage my team. Theres a problem with the last update for android users so i no im not the only 1 can u sort this as i have put alot ov money into my team and i cant play the game on both my android devices. Its diabolical noth has or is being done to this MASSIVE issue

  5. I noticed (because i have a team at LV1) that in lv1, it’s only bidders from lv1-2 and in my other team, LV30, there aren’t LV1 bidders. That’s good.

  6. Tragic… i am lvl 6 and other biders are lvl 50 or more. We bid for the same players??? I can’t take new players like this. Also can’t sell my own players! It’s the most stupid update.

  7. Why are we not bidding against players at our own level? I’m level 46 and I’m beaten by managers at say level 38. How can they bid on my level players?

  8. If you leave your association to join another association do you hold on to the association points you had with your first association?

  9. New transfer changes are designed to inflate prices, increase the amount of tokens you use and is simply just another way the owners can make more money

    If you are level 1 or level 50, you are all bidding for the same players which is a joke, so to win an auction on a decent player you are likely to part with a bucket load of tokens, obviously designed that way to make you buy more tokens

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