Transfer account between devices

A short guide about how can you transfer your team from a device to another or from Android to iOS and vice versa.              


As a forum moderator on Top Eleven official forum, I’ve noticed many people who are struggling with this issue and because is not something to complicated I decided to write a short guide about how you can do it very fast and safe!


This guide is only if you started to play the game as a GUEST and you haven’t registered your team to a social media account.


Changing the device can be a pain in the ass because if you started as a GUEST to play Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager you can’t access the game if you changed your device.


No worries because there’s very easy to get back your account if you still have the old device available.


  1. Log in the game as a GUEST
  2. Tap on HOME
  3.  Tap on SETTINGS
  4. Choose a social account (Facebook or Google)
  5. Log in the new device with the Social Media account you just chose


As you could see, the only way to move from a device to another or from (iOS -> Android / Android -> iOS) is to assign your Team to a Social Media Account, without this is almost impossible.



I wanted to do a video and maybe I will make it but because I have a limited time available at the moment and because this is not a complicated process for now I will only upload few pictures.


…. but for example if you have lost your device and you played as a GUEST then be ready to get headache. There might be a chance for you but is a quite slow process.


You can’t contact the support team but be ready and prepare to come with some proofs and details. First thing that you need to know is your team ID and if you only play as a GUEST , I recommend you to save it because you never know.


To find your Manager ID, go to HOME – SETTINGS and in the right sides on Social accounts, under Facebook and Google you can see your Manager ID. You can see in the second picture from above.


If you need a more detailed assistance and you have troubles in following our guide, you can leave a comment and as soon as possible I will come with a more detailed answer.


  1. Hello, I have my manager id, but i can no longer access the device on which my guest account was on….anyway i can get it back, or log in using my manager id?

  2. so how does this help if you had an iOS device and switch to android? iOS devices don’t give you the option of connecting to google, so basically 4 years of playing seems lost

  3. Is where a way to hold hold the account, without using google play anymore (and no facebook)
    with just the Manager ID? I ask because i want to get rid of google from my smartphone.

  4. I have my ID number but I can not get my game to swap overy. Can not play as a guest on Facebook. So how do you transfer from a Samsung phone to a iPhone. With the iD number.can any one help me. Thanks

    1. Assign a FB or Google account to your Top Eleven account and then you can use it on any device you want.

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