Get your best strikers ready to smash this challenge and boost their attributes by 30%!

Top Eleven Scorer Challenge was all designed for the offensive players to recognize their hard work on the pitch but also to motivate managers to play a little bit more offensive in order to win the challenge.


  • 15 tokens + 30% Finishing Attribute


  • This challenge applies to League matches only.
  • The player who scores the most league goals after the final League match will be the Top Scorer.
  • You can track the Top Scorer ranking live at anytime through the League section.
  • The skill boost will be rewarded only to the player that becomes Top Scorer.
  • In the case of a Top Scorer tie, all the players in 1st position will receive the skill boost.
  • Rewards can only be claimed once per team, even if they have more then one player ranked first.
  • This challenge applies to the current Top Eleven only.

So according to the challenge rules in case of a tie between top scorers of the League, everyone would be rewarded unless you have more players from your team on the first place and then only one of them would be rewarded with the 30% Finishing Attribute boost.

Here’s a quick preview of the challenge:

I hope that all of you will manage to win the first position in the top scorer so you can enjoy the reward. Personally as you can see in the preview, I managed to win it more then sure.


  1. It’s been a long time since this post was made.
    But i have a question about this post.
    Can later bought players participate in the topscorer challenge also?

    1. Later bought, yes but think that the player will have less days to score goals.
      Actually the top scorer challange is almost seasonal, so think in it because isn’t the best deal to join the challange with a player bought on last week.

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