Top Eleven Wikipedia – Closed

Despite this is not new, I was surprised to see some people are still looking for this page and they can’t find it. Here’s why!   


I can say this is another bad decision from my point of view but again same story, they might know better why they did it.


Top Eleven Wikipedia page was removed when the new support page have been released because in big lines it was the same thing but it could be much better improved then it was and it could become a very useful page.



Almost 3 years ago (30/06/2013) Top Eleven was happy to announce that they released a Wikipedia page to help the new and the old managers to improve their skills and find good information.


We’re proud to announce that we have launched a new Top Eleven Wiki! The Wiki is meant to serve as an online resource that details various features about Top Eleven, helping new and old players alike. At the moment, we have a firm basis set up, but there’s plenty to expand upon. Fear not, though, as we have a volunteer team of experienced players who will create new and improve existing articles.



I guess the main reason Top Eleven closed this page it was because it wasn’t as active as they assume to be but it was also their fault, this page was never or almost never updated, after it was released it didn’t got any new information regarding the new updates.


What I liked very much was the interface of the page, combining the classic Wikipedia page with Top Eleven tab system that made the navigation super easy and very smart.


Sadly another thing we lost after statistics (I assume they will be back), take over, old version, etc.


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