Top Eleven – Old Version – iOS

Because there are still some people left with some old iOS devices and they still want to play the game but they can’t, I’ve prepared a short and easy guide about how you can access the old version of Top Eleven on your device.                                                     


If you iOS device doesn’t support the new version of the game or you simply want to play the old version of Top Eleven here’s a short guide but you must know that this guide will allow you to play the old browser mobile version and not the old mobile version.



The old mobile version was closed by Top Eleven and is no longer available because when Top Eleven 2016 was released, the old mobile version was closed official.


  1. Go to AppStore – Download and install the application Puffin Web Browser.
  2. Open the application Puffin (it’s a web browser) and select desktop version (first option)
  3. Go to and login
  4. Go to

That’s all, 4 easy steps that should not take you more then 5 minutes.


If you encounter issue with this guide or you have some extra questions feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help you.


  1. Tolong secepatnya
    Pas saya login
    Game di mulai dari level 1 lagi
    Id manager
    Level 39
    Club red devil fc
    Stadion red devil stadium

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