Few hours ago we wrote about how you can play the old version on your iOS devices and somebody already asked us how you can play on Android devices. Well here is how you can play!       


If you already saw the iOS guide about how you can play the old version of Top Eleven then you will see that there’s no big difference between the guides.





The old mobile version was closed by Top Eleven and is no longer available because when Top Eleven 2016 was released, the old mobile version was closed official.


  1. Go to Android Market – Download and install the application Puffin Web Browser.
  2. Open the application Puffin (it’s a web browser) and select desktop version (first option)
  3. Go to and login
  4. Go to


That’s all, 4 easy steps that should not take you more then 5 minutes.


Note: This guide will allow you to access the old browser version and not the old mobile version.


If you encounter issue with this guide or you have some extra questions feel free to ask me and I will do my best to help you.


    1. Sorry but is just not possible as long Top Eleven officially closed the connection to that version.

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