Top Eleven – OLD Version – 2016

Here is how you can access the old version of Top Eleven for all the platforms available so far.                                                 


If it takes to much for your computer to load the new version of the game, don’t worry because for the moment you can still log in the old version of the game.


Normally if your computer is to weak to process the new version, the system automatically redirect you to the old version of the game but it isn’t working for all the managers.



Top Eleven 2016 have more visual effects then the old version and this can make the game to run slower then you are used and for some of us can be a big problems.


To access the old version of the game is not difficult, you just need to access a special link created to allow you to log in the old version and not the new version. Remember that you can log in the old version even if the new version is working for you.



The disadvantage is that the old version is missing some big new features like the new training system who is coming with a bonus support and the latest one, Associations which is one of the best updates so far in my opinion.


My advice is if you can run the new version of the game even if you dislike it at the start, try to play more on it and you will see that is more fun then you can expected because it have some very good strategic things that will make you to track easier important things.


  1. Do not like or even understand the new version, i wish you would leave things as they are, or at least leave us the chance to play the old version. April 17th. will see the end of my team, i’ll miss it a little but do not want this change that is being forced upon me.

  2. La verdad la embarraron con lo nuevo anteriormente era bueno seleccionar a quien darles punto de entrenamiento ahora es complicado que los propios jugadores suban de nivel cuando estan estrenando que mal

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