Top Eleven 2020

2020 is just arround the corner, and a new Top Eleven version, has been released with the New Academy as a main course.

The new academy keeps the essence of the old one we had for almost 10 yerars, but being an improved version of this.

From now on, we can say goodbye to the young academy players that were ready at the end of the season, many times losing a star once we signed their contracts.

The new system, give us a whole season to train the new youngers, allowing us to choose “our boys” from a seasonal list, which have different positions available, that can fit our needs in a better way compared with the previous academy, which was giving us random positions many times useless and, a 2* player that was marginalized by these who are part of the human species, or basically treating him like -we only want you for the money, baby -.

We still having Free youngers in the list, and during the recruitment perdiod we can add between 2-4 players -depending on the academy level- that have a cost of 2-4 Tokens, then we will have the option to assign 4 Levels of Coaches, a Free one that will improve our young talents arround the 70% of AvQ. and then we can contract professional coaches to increase the XP gaining in different %’s.

Basically, we have a wider control of that particular feature, and the option to use the new talents the whole season.

That may, to a certain point, make up for the lack of oportinities in negotiations since they are only available the last week of the season.




Now that I’m here…. xD let me mention that after time requesting for a change in the Home tab layout, we finally have a schedule of the next match way more visible than before, as it was fuzzy and often too much similar with the background image,

Too, from the Forum Moderators staff, we’ve requested to the game Admins for another layout change which affect the Line Up tab, as actually if we go to Line Up -general we can see that the Team Players Form is shown with a very small font size, and when a player have two 10’s it becomes unreadable, so the suggestion consists in the elimination of the 4th Column, called Transfers, which show the hammer when we put up a player for sale, but it’s always empty.

This hammer icon appear repeated in the 10th Column too, -Status.- so the idea is to have more space to show the players Form.

We expect a update regarding this issue, and receive feedback about the new academy in order to improve it in future updates.






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