If you are very curious about how is gonna look the newest version of the game, take a look at these 10 pictures.

Top Eleven announced yesterday on all their social media platforms the release date “22 January” for the newest version of the game and to celebrate it we prepared for you 10 illustration of how managers believe that the new version will look like. ENJOY!

Top Eleven 2019 – PAY to WIN edition 

Top Eleven 2019 – Pep Guardiola edition

Top Eleven 2019 – Mutants edition

Top Eleven 2019 – Coming Soon 2190 edition

Top Eleven 2019 – Top Eleven 2018 edition

Top Eleven- 3D edition

Top Eleven – 4K edition

Top Eleven – Yahoo Messenger edition

Top Eleven – Barcelona edition

Top Eleven – Pizza edition (full story on forum)

If you do not like any of these Top Eleven edition we give you the opportunity to create your own edition by using the template from below.

Submit the picture of your own edition HERE and you might end winning ORLOVA’s emblem as the best ones will be awarded.

Top Eleven – Make your own edition

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