Top Eleven 2016 – Is ready!

The new version it’s finally here! Top Eleven 2016 is now ready and you can play it on all platforms starting from today.        



This morning Top Eleven released the new version of the game and you can try it from all available platforms and one of the biggest advantage of the new Top Eleven is that from today all the updates will be on all platforms at the same time.





For me it’s clearly that I prefer more the new version because the design is better and it have the latest features but now the opinions might be different from a player to another and because of this we will let you to decide which version you like more.


Because I’ve seen a lot of people who can’t log in the game you should check this forum thread where you can find more about the new version.


Here’s a very important post from an official Top Eleven administrator on forum (MOI).

We have worked hard to optimize the new browser version. In order to see it and make it work as smooth as possible, please follow these steps:

1) Make sure you have a compatible browser
Firefox, Chrome and Opera support it. Internet Explorer is NOT compatible with this new version.
2) Update your browser to the latest version
Firefox should be at least version 44, 43 or 42. Chrome should be at least version 47 or 46. Opera should be at least version 34.
3) Switch browser
If you have a compatible and updated browser and you can’t still see the new version, switch to another compatible browser.
4) Update your graphic card drivers
Follow your graphic card manufacturer instructions to update them.

If you’ve already done all this and still have problems:

1) Close all open applications
2) Completely close and restart your browser
Make sure you don’t have any other browser tab or window open before restarting it again. After that, open Top Eleven 2016 and avoid opening any other tab or window in your browser.


If you still have problems and you can’t load the game you can contact me and I will do my best to help you to find a solution but you can also send an email to the support team at


Which version do you prefer?

Top Eleven – Old version (desktop)
Top Eleven – New version (2016)

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  1. Hey there, thanx for the awesum site u have..I have just starte recently with this game and on Season 5 bt this new 2016 update is crashing on my device, I have deleted and re-installed the app and result is the same. Any view on what I can do to reslove this problem? Many thanx

  2. Hi there, I’m reali sorry for troubling u with my game problems..I jus visitd google play store..and it seems lots of other users are having the same issues with the new version..could u pls let me no if they will resolve the matter or will the old version of the game to available for those that nt able to run the new version..miss playing this game alreadi..many thanx!!

    1. Hey Sash, at the start yea they had some issue with and a lot of crashes but I understood that was also an issue from the Google Play.

      Regarding the old version I don’t think it will stay to much but you never know.

  3. Hey, thanx for taking the time to u no if they wil resolve the problem on google play..I actually downloaded the app on a different phone on google play, after many attempts to link my old game with the new device, I gave up and decided to start the game all ova again..the game crashed once I logged in..

    1. Hey Sash, I advice you to send a message to , maybe they can help you to recover your account.

      It seems that the old version won’t be supported anymore, here’s what they said:

      With the new Top Eleven update released on February 11th (version 4.0), we are unfortunately ending support of Top Eleven mobile versions prior to 3.0 (previous TE 2015), due to technical limitations.

      I’m sorry for you!

  4. This is not a prediction, this is a prophesy – more players will leave after this update. Where the hell do we get rest packs to sustain us when training our players. Worst off, you have to do it twice after a match. This strategy is bad as so many people will not, or rather NEVER, invest their money.

    I have seen people leave because of way too many injuries and not enough health packs, I have seen more leave because of lower morale and lack of morale boosters, I’m waiting for those that will leave because of rest packs. The 50 packs bribe only last 2 days..

    1. Abbas I think you got everything wrong and actually this don’t change with anything.

      Why would you need now more green packs then before, I don’t see the point here. First of all you got 50 packs to test the new system which I think is enough for the moment and second the training isn’t a must so why players should leave now?

      Who said you are forced to train your players? If you won’t train them what will happen? Nothing!

      The training feature came as a help for those managers who are trying harder then the others and who would like to take more the advantage when they want their games live and now they can do this in live games by using the bonus rewarding system.

      1. I have not tried not training my players to see if they can win a match.

        Every time I don’t train them, my preparation level stays at normal. It never exceeds that. I lost 4 matches already this season because I don’t have green packs.

        But OK, I’ll try not training them and playing with normal preparation to see if I can at least win one match, then I’ll post my testimony here.

  5. new version is better visual but the old one is better for coaching and auctions. Also wants more demanding systems.
    I vote for the old one unless they improve some things.

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