Top Eleven 2016 – Expectations

2016 is right behind the corner so does Top Eleven 2016 from my sources but until then let’s take a look back at Top 11.  



As I said I got some information but nothing that’s 100% so I can’t say more about Top Eleven 2016 and even if I will find something for sure, I wouldn’t say it as long a secret must remain a secret because that’s the beautiful part of the game.


Before I will start to say what I expect from Top Eleven 2016. I will share my opinion about the v.3 Top Eleven 2015.



All together I think I don’t like more things then I like, unfortunately… let’s see why!


 I’m disappointed that the desktop version didn’t had any visual update comparing with mobile version. I don’t want anything fancy but something more similar to the mobile version so both can be in the same theme. The visual difference between the versions is huge, is just like you are playing two different games and from a gamer view isn’t something what I like but I actually like the interface on the desktop version because of the colors used, this is also what I like at the old version of Top Eleven design.


Looking at the real updates that had an impact on the game, some are great but mostly are in the advantage of the game to much. Nordeus gave us some things we requested like sounds, music and live animated match. These are some top visual updates and I like them all but if we take a closer look at the updates that helps or not the players things are not that pink.


Sound & Music: Good ones, you just can’t have higher expectations.

Live Animated Matches: After many years and hundred of requests they did it and from a browser game I can’t expect more, plus the fact that the moments in the game are unique is making it very excited to watch it but also weird sometimes when your striker is one vs one with the opponent goalkeeper and he pass back.

Live ratingThis is something great that really helps the player but to be honest I can’t be sure that this is working or at least I don’t have the feeling because sometime some players that never get their moments in the game, receive some big ratings comparing with others who even score or assist and receive a lower rating at the end of the game.

Players condition update: I just don’t want to remember the first days with this update and the madness because this was a big hit for everyone but they have a plus for listening at players and decreasing the values because in the original shape of the update, you was losing all condition in just 2 games.

Sell now: I see this like a double-edged sword, is good for those who want to sell their players because now they don’t need to sack their players and they can win something so is a plus, they win some money they don’t lose like before but it killed all the fun on free agent players (F). Is almost impossible to find a free agent player at high level because the number of players is really low. On some servers where the transfer market is pretty dead like on mine, there’s no tactic to make money at the moment.

Match Assistant: For me it was something pointless and annoying, I never found anything useful from him as long I knew the basics of the games. Maybe for a beginner this can be useful but it’s clearly that some of his advice are not logical.

Support Friends: I was never a fan of watching my friends games (shame on me) but this is something that people asked including me and they made it. There’s still a bug on desktop, sometimes you just can’t support your friends despite the game started because you don’t have the support button but all together is a good hit and a great updated.

Injuries: From my point of view so far this is the update of the year and is something you could see it right away and it really helped many of us. I always ended with a lot of injuries, I even had a season with more injured players then games played. WTF!? … but I can say that at the morning this got better regarding this so Top Eleven: THANK YOU!

Recommendations: All together I think is a plus because comparing with scout, here you can find some players under 21 who are almost 7 stars and with special ability but because there’s almost always a but, as I expected complains started to come on strikers because people are paying even up 100 tokens for them and they don’t play anything.

Scout players: I hope I am not saying something stupid now but if I remember good the scout players changed this year in Top Eleven 2015 so if I am wrong, please excuse me if not listen my opinion. The price can be pretty higher and before if you could buy 3 players with 150 tokens now you can get only 2 for 138 tokens, almost the price for 3 scout players before but because there’s always a but, the advantage is that now we have a bigger list of players.

Strikers: Unfortunately there’s no communication from the game to prove this but the majority of the players can confirm this because is something that almost all of us have this issue at the moment, you guys destroyed them. The way they perform at this moment is more then pathetic and yes this is a big word but is the truth. Is not possible to buy 3 scout players with 1 vs 1 and all to perform that bad that all the defenders scored more goals then them.

And there are others reasons to complain like nothing changed in the CUP and for many people is impossible to win this trophy despite they have a 9 stars team, the new drawing system that make it very hard and because of this I had a lot of friends who left the game but this is a sensible topic so for this I will write a special article and boring side of club shop in 2015.

I want to talk a bit more about club shop and maybe I will make a special article for this too but this is for now: There’s a huge lack of activity there, there have been months when nothing was added and not sure why as long I seen a lot of people asking for new items. I’m also disappointed because always when I contacted them they said that somebody will take care of this and this never happened.

The club shop was a powerful tool because there was always something new and gave us the impression that something is always moving in the game but now you can play the game for months with the feeling that is the same routine and there’s nothing new.


Top Eleven 2016

From Top Eleven 2016 I expect much more then from 2015 version because is a must and not an option. According to Facebook if at the start of 2015 they had over 5 millions monthly users, now they have 1 million plus, the difference is just huge and from what I saw this dramatic numbers started to change recently after the new drawing system but who knows, I might be wrong.

  1. I want that both versions desktop and mobile to have a pretty similar design. I don’t expect a huge visual update on mobile because I don’t think is necessary on the desktop version I think it’s a must.
  2. Bring back manual-assigning skill points on mobile version, I really don’t understand why you take this thing from the players as long it was something they liked really much.
  3. Update on Auto-subs because what’s now is really lame, we need something that allow us to choose for each position and not in big lines like is now.
  4. A better drawing system for all competitions, especially for CUP.
  5. Why not some better rules especially for CL, maybe a link in-game with a redirect to the Top Eleven wiki page where rules can be more detailed.
  6. New design for World Arena because isn’t fun and special when we all have the same thing. I really don’t remember when I checked somebody stadium, who knows, maybe 2 years ago because seriously, what’s the point? I’m a dreamer but who knows, maybe some premium skins and why not some official designs as long these things are not impossible to be obtained. Plus can generate some income to the game. Yes, we are many who will buy these stuffs.
  7. A ranking system despite I know isn’t something easier to be done but I suppose would not be impossible.
  8. More achievements and rewards for some of them, like emblems and jerseys because this will make people hunting some hard achievements and people will be proud to wear some jerseys or emblems that will show to everyone that they did something special. Adding points to achievements can be also something good and it will make people to compete between them.
  9. Chat with predefined words like on other games because I don’t trust people on keep it clean a normal chat, they will start to spam and insult others if they will have the chance.
  10. Regular updates on Club Shop, even re-adding old jerseys by rotation is cool, just something to be always there.
  11. Offers on tokens, boosters and jerseys because not sure what happened but this year was really weak from this point of view, especially last months.
  12. Option for both platforms to sort my jerseys and emblems, something like on players squad with drag and drop because I have hundreds of them and I need a lot of time to find something especially on mobile where they are displayed almost in a chaotic order.
  13. Fix the navigation arrows because is almost 1 year since the report on this was made and I know there are not so many people affected by this but you have to know that some players have the chance to play only on desktop where at some point it might be impossible for them to use all their items. You ask players for tokens when they buy something and then they can’t use that, home come? Make it a priority please!


As you seen I didn’t asked for better results because I don’t have high expectations but the 13th suggestions can be made and if not all at least some of them are really realistic and before I end I want two more things a t-shirt with Mourinho and a jersey of Biggleswade United. I offered myself few times to buy them because I don’t want them for free but seems impossible now but as I said, I expect more from 2016 so maybe these wishes will be true.


I also expect your opinions about Top Eleven 2016 and why not some official opinion because I know Nordeus is reading my blog.


Happy holidays for all of you and have a great time with your family and friends!



  1. I’m gone from this stupid game…my team;s name now is Goodbye Nordeus…im sick after 41 seazons…

    Good luck for all managers!

    1. No wonder, when the game plays against you sometimes. If you can’t win trophies with 8 and 9 stars players is pretty much pointless to play, sad but true.

  2. I agree with you but I also think it would be great if they added a relegation zone (13th and 14th club get relegated, club losing a level, not manager), that way the players would definitely be more dedicated to their clubs. And also I want that they give us old emblems and jerseys again, and more options on editing your own emblems and jerseys (like your club name on logo, more symbols, more jersey patterns, more logo shapes…).

    Good luck

  3. great point of view. I agree to all.
    Just want to add about the new league draw, where you’re playing with teams with the same quality -if you have a good 5*-6* players team, your league opponents also have about the same quality while in other leagues, there are champions with 2*-3* players.
    Also not playing with friends.

    * Something must be done with the veterans of the game.

  4. i totally agree wilth you if they do not make same changes in this game especially in cup i am going to stop playing this game(i am giving them tre month time if i don’t see any improvement then i will stop playing and delete my accunt from top 11) all my friends has stop playing because they say that this game has change from free to play to pay to win

  5. Drawing of Cup is not at all fair, every season i face to strong opponent that 2 or 3 level higher than me

  6. I also have both 8 five star players to my squad only to star to concede my goals and losing 13 league games out of 14 first leg games.. Makes me imagine is my tea that bad that they also loss to lower opponents in Cup matches. It’s really cracking me up.

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