Top Eleven 2016 – Bonuses | Bug

These days I was talking with some friends about the new training system in Top Eleven 2016 and I discovered a bug.       

It’s not so nice to discover that the new update have errors and bugs but is something what I expected because the transformation on the training system was something big.


The error (bug) is at the Special Coach you can hire in order to improve and double your training session bonus.





More exactly the issue is at the prices he display and from a team to another it can be: 5 tokens, 20 tokens or at the worst if you are super unlucky it can be 50 tokens.


We have some pictures for you so you can understand better what’s the issue:


  1. The price to hire the Special Coach is 20 tokens.p1
  2. The price to hire the Special Coach is 50 tokens. p2
  3. There’s also a 3rd case when the Special Coach cost only 5 tokens but we don’t have a picture at the moment.


Unfortunately at the moment there’s no fix and also no public commentary or notification regarding this issue so I can’t tell you to much about this error.


As a player I don’t think you can do to much but if you already used the 50 tokens Special Coach then you are super unlucky and I don’t think you can get some kind of compensation or refund.


From our sources we found out that’s a bug and thinking that tomorrow’s one week already since the update and I’m more then sure that they knew about it, I have a feeling that it takes pretty to much time to fix something that seems to be just a small error.


If we are on this subject already I would like to say something about prices:

  1. 5 tokens for this option sounds reasonable.
  2. 20 tokens might be OK but even like this, to have this bonus only for the next 24 hours not sure what to say.
  3. 50 tokens is clearly to much and I’m not 100% sure because I haven’t made any test but if you would invest that tokens into boosters I think you will get way more so I don’t see the point.

Thinking that the new version of the game is using the new training feature as a highlight to promote the game, I think they should do an extra effort in order to fix all the issues, bugs, errors on this part of the game.


Hopefully it won’t take to much from now on because there’s a massive difference from 5 tokens for some players to 50 tokens to others and this clearly creates a big advantage for some players.



    1. This bonus affect only the bonus you win and is working. For the 5 tokens you can take an advantage so I like it but to be honest I wouldn’t give more as long the bonus and the special coach don’t hold for to much.

  1. Hey hey..I jus wantd to inform u, I’m back on top eleven, top eleven released an update on google play..thanx alot!! Hopefully all those that had an issue will download the new update..if u are playing top eleven which I assume u are..add me on ur friends list on da game cos I can’t seem to add people usin email add!! Thanx again for all ur help buddy!!

    1. Hey Conor, thanks for the question.

      I’ve used kinda all my saved boosters because I was bored. So far I’ve spent around 600 boosters on the new training system and we are level 21.

      1. Also out of curiosity, have you unlocked more training drills or improved the drills you currently have e.g. improving a drill’s level and training effect, Amateur-SemiPro-Pro. Thanks.

  2. […] Yea, this is already a common and known bug and I hope they will come with a fix sooner because the difference is big. The price depends from an account to another, take a look at this post and you can find more informations: Top Eleven 2016 – Bonuses | Bug | Top Eleven […]

  3. Hi top eleven back office,

    I would like to inform you, i have a strange result about the game that i believe i won it in result but i cross check in table result my team has draw result agains Vamos FC, in live even i have won 2-1 (my team C0C FC). i rather confuse about these result. please inform if anyone have the same experience as mine.

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