10th Anniversary Trophies

Let’s take a moment to talk about the Top Eleven Trophies that were added in occaision for the Top Eleven 10th Birthday.

Sure that many of you -old dinosaurs- remember the 2015 designs that were available in the 5th anniversary.

The current designs are a mix of these trophies we had in 2015 and, the old Top Eleven trophies from previous versions, that we had since the V.1.

We’ve asked the admins to keep these detailed designs for some months, expecting to have these during all 2020, as are really cool, nicely designed, and really high class looking trophies, so, take the chance to collect these amazing trophies, now that we have them available there to be won for our collection.


Here the post shared by Top Eleven, with the 10th Anniversary emblem that was gifted


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