Top 3 Premier League Replicas

Because is impossible to make a contract with all teams from the world, replicas will always remain a good alternative.                                                                                                                       


Players are always asking for more and more official teams but you must know that isn’t as easier as it looks because you can’t use the image of a club without their permission, etc.


It’s clearly that the game can’t cover all teams and I assume is something completely normal but to help on solving this issue, at least partial, Top Eleven started this year to add replicas in order to please the players a bit more and personal I think this is something they should continue because the replicas they added so far seems to be very popular among managers.
Adding to many teams at once is also not a good idea because then you will end without nothing new to add so is better to keep a low number and add them systematical in order to always have something fresh in the store.


Is not a secret that Premier League is the most watched competition because there is the biggest concentration of football stars in the world and these teams enjoy a big popularity all over the planet and who knows, maybe even aliens are watching.


These are my Top 3 suggestions for EPL replicas but I also wait for your Top 3 suggestions:

  1. Manchester United because is not like there will be a better team to appear in game then this. Despite as a big fan I would really love to see and wear the official ones I know is not so likely due Premier Leagues special rules, etc but even replicas will please me very much. United is one of the most popular teams in the world and for sure will be a big hit in the game too.
  2. Chelsea is a big team despite they didn’t performed very well in the former season they still have a lot of fans over the world and I really think they can do better then City for example.
  3. Leicester despite normally I would go for City. Leicester is the team of the moment and is the perfect time to add it. What they did with the qualification in Champions League and winning the Premier League is something very huge but something I doubt we will see very sooner. Top Eleven should use this opportunity because this team can go from hero to zero in 1,2 seasons without big hopes for the future.


















Don’t forget to share your suggestions with us and let me know what you think about my Top 3 suggestions on Premier League future replicas!


    1. CSKA is a popular club all over the world and especially in Europe but to be honest I haven’t seen to many Russians in the game, not sure how this can go and what will be the popularity.

      1. I can say that many Russians in the game, but we usually play against the same Russian) we have a community game in social network Vkontakte (+11000 players) and we love this game) (I’m writing through a translator ? )

  1. My favorite football club in the Premier League is Liverpool. It is a club with tradition, founded in 1892.
    – 18 Premier League titles
    – 7 FA Cup
    – 8 League Cup
    – 15 FA Comunity Shield
    – 5 Champions League
    – 3 UEFA Cup
    – 3 European Super Cup
    Fans support the team with his “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.
    Players legend brought fame of the club: Steven Gerrard, Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Ian Rush, Ian Callaghan, Roger Hunt, and the most recent Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, José Reina, etc.

    1. No doubt Liverpool is a legendary team but we already have their officials in the game so replicas are not a option at the moment.

    1. Sincer nu cred, prea putine sanse cu echipele romanesti pentru ca nici ele nu isi dau interesul. Cu cei de la Rapid am vb. personal si i-am pus in contact cu cei de la Top Eleven dar pe drum s-a stins colaborarea.

      Mai e si faza ca sunt in insolventa si ei nu castiga mare lucru deoarece orice castig primit merge la creditori si nu la ei, deci…

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