Because we don’t have any national teams from Euro 2016 or Copa América Centenario maybe it is the time to add some other new replicas in the game.                                                         



For sure Liga 1 from Romania is not so popular and there are a lot of managers who might not have any idea about this league but is not an unknown league and some teams from here represented very well their colors in European Club Football.




For today I prepared 3 teams, all from Bucharest who’s also the capital and main city of the Country.


1. Steaua Bucharest – For sure the more popular team from Romania, a team who had a lot of good results in European competitions. Their highlight is for sure the winning over Barcelona in the Champions League final in ’86 when their goalkeeper made something unique in the history of football, saving 4 penalties in row.

2. Dinamo Bucharest – Very likely the team with the best fans from Romania at the moment.

3. Rapid Bucharest – Another team with wonderful supporters who are always next to their team no matter where they play in this world. This video is saying enough, no need for extra words.

The main reason I decided to talk about these teams is also because I’ve seen a lot of teams in game with these names and I’ve also seen some statistics from Top Eleven Facebook page and from 13 millions plus, half million of them are from Romania but for sure the real number is even bigger.


Romania was also really connected with the game, having on of the best managers, active Facebook communities like pages, groups, official Facebook page, official forum page, etc and yea, more important then all, the most popular manager ever (I let you to guess who is!)


Even if you take a look at football Associations and you will take a quick search with these names: Steaua, Dinamo, Rapid, Romania, etc you will find a lot of managers.


  1. Nice staff submitting more jerseys but the one Jersey I think many would love or have been yearning for is the Manchester United jerseys.

    1. Cei de la Clubul Steaua au refuzat tratative intre cele doua parti . Asa e in Romania, ii doare-n …. 🙂

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