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We will talk about:
Spot the 5 mentalities

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The animation tell you easily which mentality is using your oppo’
I did a video that can be seen here:
Testing Mentalities

But I’ll add captures to resume how players are displayed depending on the Mentality here, soon.

Link: Article with the video about How to Spot the Mentalities using the Live Animation

This is a Tactic that affect directly the Possession bar, we can see how switching from left to right or viceversa, the possession bar can perfectly drop all of sudden a 10-15% possession. This depende in exclusive of the own match scenario, it doesn’t matter if our best player is in the left cause, the game does a simplification of factors wo creare a simulation, selecting few players as “determinant” and avoiding others, to have different scenarios in every single match.
You can see the right/left/centre focuss passing on your oppo’s setting by paying attention at the own simulation, easily.

short-long can be easily spotted. Mixed too.
I always start with mixed, then I tend to switch it to long to know, if the engine has been selected that particular option, in my favour, or against me. In both cases, Mixed/long if I see a long passing being intercepted by the oppo’ which could turn into a counter against me, I switch the passing style immediately to short.

This is a option, that at some point have something obvious regarding the ON-OFF selection of every single Order, that the simulator uses for the scenario creation, and, the same asHard Tackling can affect the oppo’ and you can force a 2nd yellow by using this Order and focussing the passing to a particular player as target (without being punished by your side), when Hard Tackle is set in ON by your side (don’t confuse ON-OFF as activate-deactivate! I mean, ON counters selected by you, can turn into a bad choice ifthe simulator has selected, this particular option, to “go against you” so, I call this situation a “Order set in OFF in a predetermined way by the simulator”) , if, Counter Attacks are set in OFFwhen you activate it this can turn, in a instant counter of your oppo against you.

So, pay attention to some orders, cause basically, selecting then in a ON mode as a Order option, can allow the oppo, to have a benefit of the same order you’ve activated -as said, that’s very clear, with Hard Tackling, and Counters, as 2 things can happen if you activate them, and is, a “obvious benefit for your team” or a “obvious and all of sudden benefit or this exact particular order, in favour of your oppo'”.

So if you activate Hard Tackling, and you have a instant yellow card, change the Tackling style immetiately.
If you activate Counters ON, and suddenly the possession bar turns in favour of your oppo, and ther’s a action with you losing the ball and a counter against you, set the option immediately in OFF.


¿? Increases the report amount of Fouls? so can be spotted via report as the Tackling? Ive to check out this cause forgot if have a animation effect and only can be checked out/spottedvia report…

Low-High pressure (High pressure have associated a attack bonus in exchange of more condition usage, remember that this bonus works exactly in same way as the Training bonuses, these, select “random players” usually 3-4 that have the particular bonus benefit. You can see using, for example the Coindition Bonus how 3 players loose less condition than the rest of the team. So, thats the same, the engine will select randomly, based in a particular match internal scenario contribution roles assigned, few players tahat will receive the benefit of this bonus and will have something like extra power. The same happens with Man to Man Tactic, this have associated a defensive bonus in exchange of condition,***)

essy-normal-hard tackling can be spotted by checking out the report. The more Tackles in the report, the more aggressive option has been selected. Normal tackling makes you achieve arround 20 match tackles, with easy you can stay lower than 10 and hard arround 30.
This can increase the chances of getting cards, but can not have relation with the fact that you have a aggressive player that the game targeted as a part of a particular match scenario, meaning this that even with Easy tackling, a aggressive player will be selected by default to, maybe, earn 2 yellow cards, so then, this means the engine want you to sub’ him to avoid further scenario penalization.

The Hard Tackling activated by your side, can turn into 2 situations depending if the engine selected this option in ON-OFF by your side.
If has been selected in OFF once you activate it, you’ll notice a more aggresive playing style from your players.
If, this option has been selected in your favour once you activate if -what I call in ON to be determinant for a particular match scenario-, you will be able to force Cards for your oppo’ and even force red cards by focussing passing to a determinant aggressive player from your rival’s squad.

Zonal, Man to Man, can be easily spotted. Despite that the second option have a bonus in exchange of condition, this is a option that, as the “focuss passing” affect clearly/directly the possession bar, having the Zonal press’ real options to give a benefit in terms of chances, despite that the MtM gives a extra bonus to 2-3 players.


-The Bar as main factor to determine the match situation/chances.
So no, the animation isn’t the main factor that tell us who’s doing things right, it have some minor visual mistakes, when sometimes a player makes an assist and it doesnt appear in the report so, the live match animation allow you to spot, for example some orders, but, the main info about the match state comes from the Possession Bar which can be affected directly by, switching tactics, which are “never” in relation with a logical/tactical oppo’ settings.
Options are set inside a scenario in a ON-OFF mode without tactical sense despite what the oppo can do, otherwise it would be so, so crazy by having a constant dynamic change of parameters inside a own match.

The game need a base, a fixed path, selecting from the beggining, X,Y Z players as determinant to influence in that match, and A,B,C to be ignored (even A,B,C are the 6* inside a team that have 50% 1*’s and 50% 6*s, and the X,Y,Z are the 1* that the game target as “decisive for that particular match scenario” which means that 1*s will determine the score and 6* will perform as Neutral players just increasing the Main AvQ Initial parameter which sets the starting game chances, but, these will be “vanished during the game match”.
Same happens, with the Orders, the game creates scenario variability by selecting some options in ON, and some in OFF to benefit you, or not and make you manage.
Aggessive players, are part of the same scenario settings selected by the scenario.

FK, Corner men, PKs, please, remember that for these positions, the game usually select a “single man” inside the team to make it right, if you got it, cool.
If you dont spotted your FK man and the one you’ve selected misses twice during a match, please, change the man for FKs immediately, cause a scenario can be determined by corner/FK options… and a “non action” can turn a posible 2-1 into a 1-1.

So, or long passing, is set to work by your side, or not. Thats why, I strongly recommend to start with mixed, and check out if the game give u, a benefit, or, a penalization for Long passing Usage (usually the penalization = losing the ball, allowing a counter, what means Long is set in OFF for you, whatever are the orders that, your oppo will set during the match)

Remember that, the 50% isn’t the real “bar centre”. You can notice how, you can play a match, and with a …70% possession, you get the control, in chances and the animation, but let’s say you switch an order, that affect directly the bar, like Focuss passing and you turn, right side to left.
This can decrease the 70 till a 55% aprox. giving suddenly, the match control to your oppo.
This means that the “middle of the bar” which gives you the control is arround the 60%

Too means that you have to focuss passing again to the right side to turn again the bar in your favour.^^

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How the game creates a scenario?
Here I will talk about the team simplification that the game does to create a particular scenarion, how it selects “weaknesses that we can create intentionally to make the game choose’em ” the rating variations and how this influences in the players that the engine select as “determinant” for a particular match etc
Contribution roles assigned inside the squad and for a particular match scenario too are something interesting to notice…

.2 How the game creates a scenario?
Remember that there are 3 factors that the simulator takes into account to crreat a scenario -which affect the scenario”
-Control -Match control – Indicated by the Possession Bar, which is the main source to know the options we have in a particular match.
Remember that the 50% of the bar, isn’t the real “centre of the bar”, we can have a 70% of possessio ad match control and, maybe by switching passing to right side, the bar can drop a -15% giving the match control, to our rival. This means, that the “bar centre is arround the 60% and we need to swicth the settings in order to overcome this “imaginary centre” and recovery the match control, and, avoid a troll score.
-Effectivity – Possession couldn’t be enough and you could notice how the effectivity is a exact 0% despite a constant 60% of bar control. This means that the game has selected poor players to be determinant or, that those who could contribute are in the “lower curve of performance” -example, those players with 8-6-8-6-8 as rating, if are selected to be determinant in a particular match, we can predict that after a 8, they will have a 6 as rating, so the engine works with this.

This usually requires a substitution, or, a drastical measure like switch players positions inside the lines, in order to find the place where those players who could do a active contribution -goal/assist- have the real chance to do it.
It can need to be resolved, a aggressive way to manage the team, such as make the decision of eliminate a entire line, as play without ST, or even push the MCs onwards creating a situation similar to a empty midfield, so then more players can be available to be selected for attack options and this, may create “real chances” afecting the effectivity directly.
I really think that that’s about a re-distribution of power between the lines.

-Team Players Simplification

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Tests made, practical example about how the engine, pescind of players, to create an scenario:
If we play a match, using a team full of 5* and another, with 50% of players, 5* and 50% 1*, we will notice how the score can perfectly be, a 3-0, or a 0-3.
Cause, if the engine, select more 5*’s as determinant players between the mixed 1*-5* squad, in the end, the engine will face 5*’s vs 5*s so, in this case, the lower AvQ team, will have chances. But, if the engine avoid the 5*s and select the 1*s as determinant for the match scenario, probably we will earn a 0-5.
Note that, the startging AvQ distance between both teams, sets the match margins and options to achieve the victory*** and that the beatability margins have been increased in order to cover the mutants effect, been set this margin arround the 60% of distance. So, yes, that’s why you can draw vs a -60% team.

Known scenarios and how to resolve them:
-Classic when the engine select a player as a aggressive, and want us to sub’ him.
-Super Goalkeeper. Pay attention when the oppo’ GK is performing to be the Man of the Match, cause this scenario can’t be easily turned in our favour, and tend to become into what we call as “troll score”, more if we have 100% and the oppo 60% wihth a final score of 0-0
The only way to turn this scenario, is by doing a own substitution of our Goalkeeper..
**lets edit this and add that 1 way to turn this, is, with GK sub. but, I leave here 2 more options, and one is, when the effectivity is set to 0% or lower by our side, we need to push players to attack zone, selecting a aggressive formation like playing without STs + add attack arrows to all the MC line players, so pushing everybody after create a effect of empty midfield and without STs, can affect the effectivity factor overcoming the Super GK factor.
The 3rd option, is do subsitutions, but first spot the players that have been selected by the engine to “appear in the simulation” so, to be the decisive players been bad contributors” and, sub them to convert a position of power without effective contribution inside the scenario, in something better.

**Remember that the engine is always reactive, can exist a instant “fact” for example, switching counters ON can instantanely allow your oppo, to score from a counter.
Orders “can be” related between the 2 teams, meaning this that, if the option is set in OFF, activate counters can end with a insta-counter against yourself.

In the opposite side, Hard tackling (set in ON, so without active penalization against you for using it) + focuss passing to a particular Oppo player that have a Yellow, can force, a 2nd yellow for that particular player, even when has been your team the one who switched to “hard tackling”

Some details to consider:
-Heigh and weigh as, foot are just cosmetic info’. This have no effect in tghe simulation.
-The game tends to select options to make you manage, one option that the game selects is a “unique man” for FKs, who is “the chosen one” by the engine for a reasonable period of time usually weeks, and, you have to test your players to find him.
The game don’t select a different player per match, as this would be so paranoid, and don’t works like this.
Usually, the FK man, and the corners one, that works better, (for both sides) is a unique one inside your team.
Test the players to find the one that can occupy this place can be way determinant if, in a match, you are going to have 3-4 corners, or FKs Remember that, if you don’t catched himyet, and in a live match you see a player missing twice, I recommend you to select another player for that job immediately.

The contributive roles can change once you sign a new player, so that’s why a “key player” or your “best FKs man” can suddenly vanish in terms of performance.
Remember that that’s a game that grants a limited amount of contributive roles to create a realistic squad, so you can’t have 11 players scoring 40 goals due that fact.
So once you buy a new player check well, and pay attention to “how this affected to the other players performance”.

NOTE Regarding Defensive Mentalities and Engine response:
Remember that the game is created in order to give the “attack chances and control to one team”, so, the control can be earned, with Attacking mentality, Defensive, or Very Defensive.
These Defensive options don’t mean that the game will make your players “stay in a defensive attittude” or creating a “strong bus formation effect” if, we set 5 defenders + Very Defensive Mentality.

All is about, who have the match control, in terms of possession chances, and that’s how the simulator interprets these defensive orders.
So, as Ive mentioned previously, the game select each order in ON-OFF to favour you, or harm you, and Very Defensive setting can mean that, you’ll get the possession during all the match, and the attack chances/occasions and basically the constant match control.



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