The Stadium – Attendance Limit per Level

Hi Managers!

It is something very common to see new Top Eleven Managers asking why the stadium isn’t full despite the investment they do to upgrade it, so today we are going to do a mention at this particular point, and we will explain the basics about how to manage the ticket prices as well.

Here my stadium, my home

The Max. capacity of our stadium is 260.000 seats, the World Arena have a capacity of 211.000 spectators and with the last seats upgrade it have an extra of 49.000.

Here the List of Max. Attendance Limit per Level so you know how are you doing in this aspect.

We strongly recommend you to don’t upgrade the stadium too much fast, is one of our most common recommendations -too with another what say -link you Top Eleven Facbook account to Gmail – ehh^^.

L1 – 800
L2 – 2,500
L3 – 6,000
L4 – 11,500
L5 – 19,000
L6 – 28,000
L7 – 40,000
L8 – 53,500
L9 – 69,000
L10 – 86,500
L11 – 106,000
L12 – 127,500
L13 – 151,000
L14 – 176,500
L15 – 204,000
L16 onwards – 260,000

Then, remember that to know which Ticket price is the right one to have full attendance you should pay attention to the 5% Bonus possesion in your Home matches, basically the trick is that, if the % is lower than 5% you need to reduce the Ticket price.



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