Top Eleven 2017 came with another big surprise, a dramatic and drastic change on the transfer market.

We finally have the final version or the final update on the transfer market for 2017 and is very less likely something bigger to change on this and literally no chances for a “back-roll” to the old system as long Nordeus wouldn’t like to give up on months of working to the Top Eleven.

The new update is much bigger then everyone expected and actually comes with a very surprising new feature like returning tokens if you lose the auction for a player. A request that has been done thousands and thousands of times by many Top Eleven managers so far.

As you can see above, the change is quite drastic and many things have been simplified, changed, improved in a way or another but this is at the first look because not everything is perfect on the new system.

One of the first things you can notice is the new side bar from the right side, that announce the available time allowed you to bid for one of the players listed. Once the time is over, a new list of players would be available for you.

A good visual improvement has been done regarding stars showed on the player. Now you can see much easier how  far is a player to reach a new star. This might not look as something very good but is actually a very useful because the time is very limited now and checking all of them one by one would take to much.

Sadly, we lost the special ability icon next to player name which showed us if a player had a special ability or not but is very likely to be added again soon. At the moment the only way to check this, is to do a manual search, one by one.

The bidding rounds has been also removed and allows you to bid anytime you want but if you bid for the player in the last 10 seconds, the time would reset back to 10 seconds so for example if you bid for X player in the last second, the auction time would go back to 10 seconds. This is indeed a more realistic interpretation of a real auction but for the game-play the old system was better.

This was just a quick introduction for the new auction market update. In the next days we will go deeper and look for the good and bad parts of this update.


  1. The new transfer system is terrible. You have to pay a huge amount of tokens for player. In the past, you could have players for one of two tokens at the right moment.

    Secondly, since last week you only can see around 15 free videos a day. Before it was 30 or even 100.

    Maybe this is all the aim to gain more money from your side…

  2. Not good! All managers bid for the same players. It is not fair for a low lvl manager to bid with a 50 or more lvl manager.

  3. Yup. Used more tokens and managers selling unwanted players ended up can’t sell.. I am not sure what is happening. End up selling direct and lost quite a lot of money when I bought them at previous season.

    1. That’s not how it works. A level 1 manager will see a 5 star player but to a level 5 manager it would show the player as 1 star. A higher manager level wouldn’t bid. You are competing with managers within one level of your own, that’s all.

  4. The most stupid ever seen…this guys from top eleven is thinking just for them to win money..not for those how play the game,stupid guys…we have to give more tokens and then to buy more and more tokens for them,ill really quite this game,is sucks this men on top eleven site

  5. Change this transfer market man,change or all.of us will.quite game,let the transfer like old one..this is so sucks

  6. I’m bitting on players that I don’t need .. Just to let the others loose more tokens… This is bad update

  7. Why the fuck is there a low lvl manager bidding on same player with high lvl managers its not far its stupid and it should not happen just completely ruined the game

  8. I’m level 3 and I often lose out on bids to managers who are level 30 etc with an average player value of £45M….. my question is, why are managers at that level buying players for £2M??

  9. When buying new players on the transfer market you are bidding against managers who are just starting off how can they bid for players 174 when the highest in the squad at 50

  10. This is the worst update of all, seriously what were you guys thinking? Is it really feasible to spend 50 tokens on 1 player? If this is really your money making update then get set to lose huge amount of players. All that I was able to achieve in 4 years is down the drain. I am off, seriously time to boycott this game.

  11. This new transfer market just sucks. It’s so ridiculous. I’m a level 3 manager and I have to compete against level 30 … and higher level managers who obviously will have more cash and funds. So how do you expect me to outbid the other bidders. So top eleven please do something about this issue that all low level managers suffer

  12. Men…those pkayers is not real…is a fake to make u to give more and more tokens…is not a real player just a lie…that is all about that fucking game of shit with this new transfer market…we all need to do somethig…we have to stop this,let.s not play anymore until this fake transfer market not change like it was…come on..let.s do this guys

  13. The transfer system is totally unrealistic. As level 32 player I have lost auctions to players at level 3.why are they able to bid for players suitable for level 32 when they only 6mil budget and the player is sold for more than 10mil. It is inconceivable that clubs in 4th level or below could compete with la legal. Serial A or premier league teams. Therefore your game has become unrealistic. The transfer system needs level segments to make it fair for all.if this does not happen then a lot of players will leave the game.

  14. How long till one of your players sell? Is it hours . Days or even weeks am only in my 2nd season and I have a few players over 1m and I don’t know how long am going to have to wait

  15. Somebody knows if you get the tokens when your player is sold? I’m a beginner so my players are sold but not too a club.

  16. This is terrible.. I am at Level 10 and when the bidding starts, I am made to compete against Level 30-40 managers? How am I supposed to do that? Also, I can see a maximum of 99% Quality but in the same bid, a lvl 3 manager also bids (I am sure he sees 199% for the same player).. How??

  17. I am a 32 level manager and when I go to auctions and check the stats of player I get amazed to see the stats of every player even with 2 stars , 20 games ( 10
    Man of the match 25 goals , 28 assists , form 8-9-10-10-10 lol , are you fucking kidding me …!!! When you buy them they never perform lol , Come on Top Eleven be realistic and don’t let us leave the game after so many years

  18. How the fuck can I be outbid by a player who doesnt have the budget to pay for the player? Thus is complete bullshit. I also got outbid for a 30 year old player on 90% by someone with a 200+% team worth 2.5billion? Why would they even bid on a player of that level? Its a fucking scam.

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