Thank you!

This post is about the forum in general and not about the game but remains very important for all of you and also for me.     


It’s time to say goodbye to 2015 but 2016 just started and as long I am playing this game I will always look to help you guys because this is the best thing I can do as a player for this game and the players.


The main reason I am writing this is because I want to thank you all. Despite I can say we are still at the start and we have more way to say about the game, the website stats are great.




We started from 0 and now we are around 500-1000 unique people per day, sometimes up to 2000+ and in total in our few months of activity over 170.000 people, is sick!


I also want to inform you that the website is super clean, all the links posted here are on legit websites so you are always 100% safe. The pictures are around 90% hosted on our website and from now on all of them will be hosted here.


Regarding ads. on the website. At the start we had some annoying ads. (pop-up) but I am happy to say that sometimes ago managed to remove them by updating our host to a premium one and yes, isn’t cheap at all and more then that we removed the donate button from the right widget panel to be less annoying for some of you


So far we got no donations but this isn’t gonna stop us at all because we already have in plan to update the website hosting to a better one because if we will go like this we will need more space and also extending domain to one more year so even if we won’t be here, the website will run for a long period of time. If you want to break the ice and make a donation here you can do it!


If you are using adblock or any program of this kind you can deactivate it and take a look at the website, I promise you there’s no annoying ad or pop-up message that will force you to do something.


Because we don’t want anything in exchange you are free to copy our articles and pictures without asking, we promise you no report but our only request is try not to modify them in your advantage.


For 2016 we have some nice plans that I hope you will like them.

  1. Upgrade the website (host domain) | We are already safe but we look to extend more!
  2. YouTube Channel | I’m looking to make the videos more friendly and easier to be  found by you.
  3. Contests  | We have dozens of rewards for you already so visit us daily to win some of them!
  4. Update the website | The main goal is to inform you with the latest news to be easier for you and maybe we will look for a second or even a third content writer.
  5. Resources | Because there are many users who are looking for in-game pictures to make their own pictures, I will offer you for free, high quality pictures of jerseys, emblems, etc.

And many others but in big lines on these I want to focus for now. If everything will go according with my plans at this end of the month there should be also a great special thread.


Thanks for reading and a happy new year 2016 for all of you!


  1. Congratulations !
    Keep the good work.
    If I have to add something, I think it would be better when I click advs of the site, to open in a different tab.

  2. It’s seems like the redeem codes will never arrive I come to this website almost everyday just for a redeem code but,fine.

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