Take Over – Official Closed

We are sad to inform you that yesterday Top Eleven, officially closed the Job Center and now Take Over option is not available anymore for those who plan to change their team.                             


A new update in the old version of the game took out, 2 great things from a shoot but hopefully at a point we will have them back.


After the yesterday update those who are still playing the old version can’t access anymore the the Job Center and Team Statistics.




Today I will talk only about the Job Center and not about Team Statistics but no worries because we will talk about that too, in a special article.


Personal I think is a big mistake but now I don’t want to blame anybody because I don’t know exactly how much work is needed to keep that feature alive.


I know some great stories of many managers who decided to try again with a new team and they succeed. Even I used that feature to restore a team where I played for almost 2 years and for me it was my best period of Top Eleven, winning a lot of trebles, 17 out of 18 leagues, cups, champions leagues, etc on a free tokens team.


The worst part is that now if you failed with your main team for more seasons and you are looking for a fresh start, for a chance to try again and to do better the only valid option left is to play the game on another account but that can be very boring. Creating a new account only for Top Eleven is clearly not on the taste of many managers. Also jogging from an account to another account is not something very practical.


I hope that in time till feature will come back in Top Eleven 2016 or 2017 because it was one of the few features that was 100% in the manager advantage.


This is how started our epic journey with Orlova Academy! From a YouTube tutorial to pure legend!

Goodbye Job Center, we will miss you!


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