Take Over – Bring it back!

Top Eleven  2016 might have a lot of cool new things comparing with the old version but they still miss some old features.      



“The perfect solution”, these are the words used by Top Eleven to describe their new feature 2 years ago back in 2014 when they released this new and revolutionary option in the game.






Since then a lot of managers decided that the best for them would be a restart by taking over another club from a lower level then just to stop playing the game.


Since the option was available, many of my friends took this chance and they created new awesome teams.


Even I took this opportunity when I had the feeling that I can’t play anymore on Orlova FC and the result was Orlova Academy, a secondary team with better statistics even then Orlova FC and a team only with daily tokens but a lot of passion and time invested.


Reintroducing this feature should be one of the next moves from Top Eleven in order to please more players and avoid good managers to leave the game at some point.

This is our video about taking over another club and seems to be the most popular from YouTube so far regarding this subject.


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