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A new survey appeared in-game regarding the old version of the game because many managers still  play the old version and refuse the transition to the new version. Did you made it?               


As a good manager I completed the survey and I decided to make public my answers but also to give a detailed feedback to the developers.


I suggest to everyone who can to complete the survey. All the feedback is a positive thing and can help Nordeus to create a better game.







1. Why are you still playing the old version of Top Eleven?
My computer (hardware) is too old, so I can’t play the new version.
My internet connection is too slow, so the new version takes too much time to load.
For some reason the new version is loading too slow, even though my internet connection is good enough.
I didn’t know that there was a new version of Top Eleven.
For some reason, the new version doesn’t work very well and is slow every time I try to use it.
To play the new version,I need a new web browser (Chrome,etc.), and I don’t want to change the one I use right now.
I like the old version better than the new one.
Other: Because it have  some features & options that the new version doesn’t have. (I’m using both versions at the moment)


2. Approximately, how long does the new version take to load on your computer?
Less than 1 minute
Up to 2 minutes
Up to 3 minutes
More than 3 minutes


3. How much RAM do do you have on you computer?
Less than 1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
Over 8 GB
I don’t know


4. Do you have any other specific reason for why the previous version of Top Eleven was better than the new one?
Answer: As I said above, the old version have some good options and features like: transfer market better filters, take over, etc. 



Now to get more into details, I like the both versions and I am still more friendly with the old version because I used for a very long period of time but recently I’m using more the new version because it have the latest features like Live Animated Match which is a great option.


I don’t have any technical problems problems and the game is loading very well for me but from what I noticed on the forum, Facebook and at my friends some of them have big issues because the new game seems to ask for a lot of resources and I think here Top Eleven developers should focus the most, trying to make the game much faster then is at the moment.


Not to forget they should also import as soon as possible some options and features from the old version because this is one of the fastest ways to make people to like more then new version. Top Eleven 2016 is missing some important features and options like: Club History, Take Over or Transfer Market Filters.


Slowly I got used with the new version of the game and if I would have to choose between the old and the new version of the game I would go for the new version but this is a personal opinion just as I said above the developers should focus more on importing the old stuffs and improving the speed.


  1. I play the new version Top Eleven 2016, and i use Chrome.
    The game is loading in less than 2 minutes.
    My laptop has 4Gb/ Ram.
    I like to implement transfer market filters, and club history.

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