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Is Top Eleven refusing a great opportunity to offer free support in more languages by closing the local Facebook pages?           

Before I go and start to talk more about this good chances of Top Eleven to provide free help to their players I would like to talk about Top Eleven social media pages in general.


Top Eleven did a great chance and they are almost everywhere on the internet, from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to YouTube and many others.








Top Eleven have 2 pages, one is the page of the game @topeleven and second one is @lifeatnordeus.

  • @topeleven is the official  Instagram page of the game with almost 20.000 likes. In big lines you can find a lot of cool stuffs there, from contests, to redeem codes, news and updates regarding the last updates to managers pictures from time to time which is pretty awesome.
  • @lifeatnordeus is the page of the game company and is also a cool page and you can actually see the guys who are behind the game and some other cool stuffs.

Here are some popular hashtags you might want to use in order to get their attention or followers attention: #lifeatnordeus #nordeus #topeleven #topeleven2016 #topeleven2015 #topeleven


A quick tip for you: @topeleven is super close to 20.000 likes and more then sure they will release a contest there where you can win something cool and our prediction is 50 tokens.


My suggestion for them is to post more often because they can find unlimited topics, they also missed to announce many things there and I don’t see why they didn’t did it.




3 pages this time, @topeleven the main page of the game, @topelevenhelp for support & @nordeus which is company page.

  • @topeleven have a pretty big community on twitter and they passed half million followers which isn’t at all a small numbers of followers. Like on Instagram and even better in my opinion you can find pretty much everything there: news, info, contests, etc.
  • @topelevenhelp got closed after the update so is pretty much pointless to talk now about this.
  • @nordeus is company page but isn’t as fun as their Instagram page.



Top Eleven domain is pretty complex and they are offering a lot of things.

  • Top Eleven support page is one of their latest creation to say like this and I’m happy to announce that we helped them to improve this page. I really like this page but is always expanding and the main goal is to provide you good quality answers at most of the questions.
  • Top Eleven forum  is my favorite corner,  maybe because I am one of the “leaders” of the forum and I tried as much as possible to helped them. You can find me there with the username PricopGeorgeCătălinThey also hosted there their best contests and also offered the best rewards there like official items so I’m gladly invite you all there.
  • Top Eleven news  a page that use to be great and maybe the main reason I decided to open my website about Top Eleven. Within few minutes you can find all the latest news of the game and also a good place if you want to find some information about the oldest updates & news.
  • Top Eleven blog is something I expected from them and is something I like to read. Top Eleven blog is not only about Top Eleven but is more about football in general and trust me, the articles are great!

Regarding their blog and the support page I can’t complain and both pages are very good but when it comes about the news page and forum I have few complains.


  •  Top Eleven news is missing a lot of news actually and is something I never understood why. To be honest and maybe I’m using a big word but I many times I found it insulting because despite they made a lot of updates they didn’t updated that page. Thinking that page is on their domain and also is called “news” why do they didn’t updated this more often? I use to check this page at least once at week but for almost half year there was nothing there, they missed a lot of important news. I really hope from now on they will update the page more often, at least when they have something new in the  game because what’s the point of the page if you don’t use it?
  • Top Eleven forum is the place I’m visiting the most from all and I disappointed when it comes about the help showed by administrators and developers.
    I’m not looking to be rude at all but as a player who have a lot of question despite I had the great chance to get some information in advance and even to test Top Eleven 2016 and the new feature training I don’t understand at all why they are not on the forum? Again I might use some big words to say like this but is disappointing and disrespectful for the players to can’t find help at all especially after such a big update.
    Despite I got some promises regarding the forum so far nothing seriously happened but hopefully something will change because there’s a big community with great managers and a big source of great information about the game and also with a lot of great community managers who are ready to help others at any time in the hour.
    Again same issue like always, many times they forgot to inform the players about the news & updates.
    In my opinion without the help of the moderators which are regular managers like me and like you, I don’t think Top Eleven would be able to keep the forum alive and for sure, they won’t be able to keep it peaceful. I’m saying this because I’m moderating the forum  from a longer period of time now and in 3,4 years I’ve seen all they have done there and I don’t think is much at all.




Top Eleven have a pretty nice YouTube channel and you might want to check it.

  • YouTube page is a very nice page with a great design and professional videos that explain the game very well.
    Is true that more videos would be great but creating a video isn’t as simple as making just a picture so I understand why they don’t post so often.

Nothing much to say about it and I can’t complain at all and one great thing is that they also look to promote managers video by adding them in a special playlist which you can found it here.




To be honest even I don’t know all the official pages they have on the Facebook but it’s clearly this is the main place where you can find them.

If you want to find more official pages you can visit LINKS page on our website where we added few of them.

  • Top Eleven Facebook page is huge with over 13 million likes is something that they should be proud because there’s none close to them if we are talking about football manager games.
    This page is something like all in one because it have everything plus real life football which is great because in the end we are talking about football and also is nice to see that sometimes they are answering to their players on the posts.
  • Nordeus Facebook page isn’t bad and you might find some cool things there but the page is more used for the company from what I noticed which I assume is something normal.


Regarding their main pages I don’t think is something I can complain but I guess I can do it when it comes about their local Facebook pages which for me as a manager and especially in my case I think they are pure gold.


You might know or not but Top Eleven isn’t providing support in so many languages like before and here I wanted to get from the start and here’s a problem because when you start something and you can’t finish it or you do this over the night you “show weakness” and this is something Top Eleven could avoid and went out of this with elegance by not doing almost anything and winning a lot.


To be clear, I’m talking about their local Facebook pages which are now abandoned for some reasons. Fair reasons maybe but if you want to be the best ever you can do more and there’s no excuse and I know Top Eleven have the power to do more for the players, they just need to find the time and the right persons to do it.


For years the local pages was used as external pages apart from the official main page to offer support in other language then English and people loved them because not all of us can speak or understand English.


For some reason Top Eleven gave up on them last year because they left without managers to help them but nothing and nobody is irreplaceable.  (except me, joking)


At the moment Top Eleven support team is offering help for the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish, Serbian and Italian but what you do if you don’t know any of these? After all there are dozen of languages so there are many people who can’t express good enough to describe their issue so their back up solution was to contact some local Facebook pages like the Czech, Indonesian, Greek, Romanian page, etc where they could find manager good enough to help them with most of their issues.


For example I’ve been moderator of the Romanian Facebook page where over 10.000 people liked the page during my period of moderator and I can say that I helped hundred of managers and I’ve answered to a huge number of questions.


I think this pages with the help of the Top Eleven can be improved more and help a lot of managers with their requests, questions and issues to get an answer.


The local pages have been moderated by both Top Eleven employees and regular managers like me with their help.


Is not a secret that Top Eleven rewarded these managers with tokens for their work and I think it’s a fair deal because moderating a page would ask you more time and at the same time you won’t have so much time left to look for offers and so on. Plus rewarding them with tokens or other things would create a moral obligation to help more.


At some point I expect Top Eleven to turn back at this page as long there are a lot of managers left and the pages can be also used to promote the game and inform the managers about the last features and updates.


Is true that finding the right people might be an hard task but with million of managers playing the game this  would not be something impossible and it would be just a matter of time until they can find them.


The game might be Top 1 in the the statistics but for many managers they are not Top 1 when it comes about support.


Top 1 (in stats) + Top 1 (in support) = Top 2 =  Top 11 | Only then Top Eleven!



  1. Man you care more then Top Eleven about us.

    I need friends on FB for my team. Leave your profile link guys and I will add you.

    Can you add a subscribe option for mail man?

    1. Greetings Pablo, I don’t think so or at least I like to think that they care the most or at least some of them.

      Regarding your friends on FB, you can leave your Facebook link into comment because I think it would be faster for them to add you then for you to add them.

      Regarding your second request this thing will happen sooner I hope because I received some help and I’m working on the website to improve it as much as possible.

  2. Hello Admin! You are lucky because at least you have a Romanian forum, I’m from Hong Kong and I don’t have alternatives at all. Is good we have chinese Top but they should do some page for support in chinese

    do some contests, long time you didn’t had 😀 respect!

    1. Howdy mr. Lee!

      Indeed, as a Romanian I have a bit the advantage of the forum but like I said above, the forum isn’t the best place at the moment, maybe because the lack of admins and developers online!?

      Is true and from what I know, Top Eleven is in expansion in China and the area around so I assume at some point there might be a forum or a local Facebook Page.

      I already planned few contests and one of them will start later today, just stay tuned and keep following us!

  3. Well, the Greek top eleven facebook doesn’t work right.
    But a top eleven fb page must run from someone who has a deeper knowledge of the game.
    Specially now with the new update and this weird training system, every body would post questions about that . What can a fb moderator can answer to all those ? Explore the new game by yourself ?
    Also, a T11 fb moderator must have a more professional relation, not just few token. Maybe some income from advertising because it’s a serious duty.
    But he must do what nordeus doesn’t.
    Helping people, guide them, promote the game, “defending” it from all those who can say whatever they want .

    Greek fb

    1. I’ve been there in that position and maybe isn’t as hard as it looks. Yes is not possible to answer all the question because not even them then don’t all so sometimes they have to ask others but at least for informing and answering to the basic questions I think would work very good.

      By income if you refer at money I don’t think that would be possible because isn’t so simple, as a company they can’t offer money without a paper to prove where the money went so No Way! And hiring somebody just for a local page even I think is to much.

  4. Hello,

    The Community Manager from Top Eleven here. 🙂

    Thanks for this article. Some interesting points were made.

    The Community Management team are currently in a period of transition, but we have many exciting things planned and we will address some of the issues you mentioned.

    Restructuring the forum and ensuring that we offer more support and engagement for our forum users is one of our priorities for the coming months.

    As far as local Facebook pages, for now this is not our biggest priority. In the past we had issues that moderators on these pages were misrepresenting Top Eleven, giving false information, and also selling tokens. It is a big effort to be able to track and monitor all these pages, especially when the team may not be familiar with all the languages. We will try to find some solution, but for now, we have other exciting plans.

    Thanks again for your feedback!

    1. Admin confirm he is Top Eleven?

      Dan there are 5 or 10 pages not 100 you just need few gamers and they will do the job, look to the groups on FB and see huge pages with people who give their time to make more contests and to help more then Nordeus, go get them

    2. dan how you can offer support for japanese?

      Admin, you are great but post shorter article because this was big, very big!

      Sorry for asking here but on resources can you add Japan jersey and emblem because I want to make a picture for my team.

      Choose file option is working, I get error..

  5. You are asking to much maybe and they are a company, they don’t care so much.

    Local pages should run because they are a good point to inform people on news.
    On forum I was for couple months and I only seen same moderators daily almost but no news, admins and devs? good joke man

    Can you do me a favor and talk more about the training system because I just found today how to use the bonus during the match. No info for that

    Good job and can i have u on FB?

    1. Yes, bringing all the news to the players should be in Top Eleven advantage and I will give you a good example.

      Last month (or it was this one!?) They added replicas but there was no info and I discovered after 2 weeks some people still didn’t had any idea that they could buy those items.

      Regarding the new training system I will talk these days but as all of us I only know what I discovered, I’m not sure about everything so far but good point on the bonus during the live match. I also discovered good managers who didn’t had any idea that they actually had to activate the bonus in order to work and funny or not I found that accidentally.

      PS: My FB isn’t public for the moment, sorry!


  6. Nice to have a reply from a guy of top eleven 🙂
    I want to say to Dan, before making plans for the future, better try to commnicate better with players who are (in the majority) confused with the new training system, the calculation of the skills and quality of the players and their development.
    Also must work about the problem with the hardware (the new version eating to much RAM) and some things that are missing from the new version.
    I ‘m in a TE fb group and most of the members are back in the old version because they don’t understand or cannot afford to play the new version with their pc/laptop systems.
    So, it’s a must from nordeus to communicate with players of TE as soon as possible, to explain the new enviroment before half of the players leave the game and start something else.
    Also I suggest a dirrect communication (questions and answers) and not just a simple info video.
    This can be done in the forum or in the TE fb.
    Things aren’t good so I hope you’ll take the right decisions (so I can sontinue playing my beloved game).

  7. Good day! I have been playing this game for almost two years, but now I can’t log on to my team any more with Facebook, please help me!

  8. I have been playing top level game for almost 2 years, but now I can’t log in to my team with Facebook account. Please help me to sort it out.

  9. Hi, i love top eleven so much i am enjoying the experience and the competitive nature of the game but please i have a little complain, getting tokens are really stressfull and time consuming somtimes before i can buy the players i need to make up my team for a new season the seansons already gone half way which affects my teams succes .I am willing to buy tokens but i cannot and i dont know why probably that feature of the game is’nt available in my country I am in abuja Nigeria so please i will really appreciate getting a quick response.

  10. My team lost the normal 20% level when the season changed. However for some reason my teams level was dropped today by additional 3-4%. For example I have player that’s on fire, because they raised to level 100%, but he only has 97%. Why has this happened?

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