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Just as I promised, I opened for you guys a support page where you can find solutions to the most of your issues.                  


It took us more time then we initial expected but finally we managed to open this page too and I can say that we are much stronger now thanks to this new support page.


You can access now our new support page at this link.



At the moment we are offering support only in two languages and more exactly English and Romanian but we plan to add more languages in the near future, especially now for example when Top Eleven decided to don’t offer anymore support in some local languages like Romanian.


From October we will look to add new languages and one of the priorities for us would be Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese but we will also look for others like Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Serbian, Russian, etc.


More details you can find on that page but once again I would like to inform you that we won’t answer to personal requests like gifting tokens, jerseys, etc but in exchange we will try to focus on solving some issues more important.


At the moment we are still in the beta phase and till everything will work smoothly it might pass a while but we are ON-Line and ready to help you all!


    1. “De ce nu faceti” in primul rand nu tine asta de iar in al doilea rand raportul jetoane – bani , bani – jetoane niciodata nu ar fi echilibrat.

      Sa nu mai zic de faptul ca poti supra licita pentru un jucator de-al tau si sa faci N number de bani dupa care sa-i transformi in jetoane.

  1. This game has been crashing and freezing the last few days. Chat dosnt work properly’ and also the free ads for rests etc just keep freezing’ is anybody else having this issue. Its putting me off playing 🙁

  2. please how come android users are suffering to get free tokens from the free offers section.. while apple users are just enjoyin the game; they can boast of a sure 5 token everyday.. Have you guys noticed it too?

  3. I see no where the “lets talk” button. Is it because i am on iPad ? I only see an envelop.
    Did asked something yesterday, but havent heared of you.
    Having the problem that I cant login to forum for the last 48 hours.
    Yes cleared my cookies/cache. Did try several browsers. Even deleted them.

  4. I just got to level 4, then i realised that I can perform direct transfer with only some manegers but can’t with others. e.g I want to buy a striker from a Facebook friend but can’t. Also i want to buy a defender from an Association teammate but can’t. WHY? Also, the players are 5 and 4 stars.

  5. Hi,
    If U need help with Serbians language (to translate, to write) just contact me per email. I’ll be glad to help U.
    Best regards

  6. Astăzi, am licitat pentru un jucător. Când am ajuns în runda 18, deși eram lider de licitație, mi-a apărut în fereastră „așteptați”, fără să mai pot licita în continuare. La câteva secunde surpriză……„ ai pierdut”. Și uite așa am pierdut 18 tokeni degeaba. Care este șmecheria și cum pot să recupezi tokenii pierduți din cauza acestui blocaj. Mi se pare un furt acest lucru !!! Cine știe adresa administratorilor de joc pentru a face o sesizare. Nu este corect, mai ales că nu este prima oară când se întâmplă acest lucru!!!

    1. Pai poti trimite un email, in joc ai optiunea sa-ti contactezi sau scrie pe google ca nu am timp acum sa caut link-ul, helpshift nordeus si te duce spre pagina lor de suport si acolo poti sa le spui ce ai patit.

  7. The game crashes once you enter into the free videos or free offers
    even after watching a video so are not credited with the free boosters.

    also the game appears to run in auto mode when you are playing
    and seem to ignore your changes etc.

  8. I’m in 4th place in the Champions League with the same number of points next 2 opponents i have better goal difference than the two

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