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A short introduction of the Super League before it will be released at the start of the next season.                                             


Possible one of the best if not the best update that could happen for middle class managers who struggle with winning the current competition or even to finish in the top 4 at the end of the season.


For the moment there are not so many news about the new competition so I don’t know to much but here is pretty much how it will be, more or less.


Basically the Super League is gonna be the reflection of Champions League but for the middle table teams, in our case the teams from 5th to 8th place.



Indirectly the new competition will solve automatically the issue of 8th place promoted despite it shouldn’t but also indirectly will help all the managers from the League because now more teams will be engaged in a 3rd competition making it harder for them to keep their team in a mint condition every game.


On another side this competition will clearly motivate more managers to invest more time and money into their account by making their teams even more powerful in order to improve their chances for winning the new competition.


For the first seasons will clearly be a big hunting for this brand new competition and trophy so the activity will clearly increase and this is a very positive thing for both managers and Nordeus as well.



If you are wondering how does the new trophy is gonna look you can watch the image from above and make an idea. I am not 100% sure but is very likely to be a trophy for 2nd and 3rd place as well, just like in Champions League.


Following the official thread on the Top Eleven forum some managers already came with some good questions and I am trying to answer to them but remember that it might be different as long nothing officially came from developers.



  1. 3rd place from CL will play in Super League – Thinking that 4 teams will promote just like in Champions League, I don’t think that the 3rd place from Champions League group will go to the Super League. Is very likely and it can happen but I don’t think it will. Hopefully I am wrong now.
  2. winning SL + Cup + League will unlock treble – I doubt it and it shouldn’t because Champions League is and it will be harder then Super League.
  3. 9th place will be promoted randomly & occasionally? – We all hated when the 8th place have been promoted unfair by the game system against the server rules but hopefully the new competition will indirectly resolve the lack of teams and we won’t have surprises anymore.
  4. what about the Super League schedule – If it will be just like a mirror of Champions League then would be very easier. All the games would be played in the same day as the CL games.
  5. SL winner vs CL winner – Nothing officially but who knows, it can happen and the game can be played very easier in the last day of the season.
  6. SL in the old version – You won’t be able to see the table, rules, etc, basically you won’t have any extra new page for Super League but the good thing is that you will still be able to see your games in this new competition. The only way to have a full access to the new Super League would be thru the new version of the game.


Back in 2014 I also suggested this on the Romanian forum and despite it passed few years since then is great to see Top Eleven listen to the managers and just as you can see in the picture from above, many people suggested this to Top Eleven on Facebook, Twitter or Forum.


Before the competition will start I will come back with a new article about this competition and hopefully something new & exclusive about the Super League.


  1. Great updates so far but i still have the level issues with CL. I always refresh my team after ending season by buying new players and always get on top of league and cup in most seasons and always qualified to CL. But it is always that i meet managers with level higher than me in CL which makes my most wanted achievment ( trebile) always miss. Not to mention the ammount of tokens spent, which is hard and eager to get 🙁 . It makes it unfair…BDW its been a while since last good offer for tokens ?

  2. “But it is always that i meet managers with level higher than me in CL” …
    same here.
    Will S.L. be another “unfair” competition ?

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