Suggestion – New stadium designs

What do you think about the idea of having new designs for stadiums, something more unique and not just the basics ones.     



For a long term player the stadium don’t represent to much after his first 20 levels when normally he should be done with all the constructions at the stadium.






What I would really like is at least for the World Arena which is the last stadium to have more designs, something more unique because at the moment I don’t find any attraction in visiting others stadium because I know that all my friends and high level have already everything done.

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I think this idea would be a win for both sides. Both Top Eleven because they can ask for more money or tokens and also for the players who wants for sure to have something more unique and not something that really all the managers have.

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Even better would be if they could offer packages which can change complete all the facilities and not only the stadium. Creating new designs for sure will bring a better look to the stadium and it will make it way more exciting.

If you want to find more details about the stadium and facilities you can see here the full cost of everything per level on Top Eleven officially wiki page.



  1. I believe it would be an interesting concept if they could come up with some interesting new designs for the stadiums.

    Like you said, we know what the final stadium looks like. If we have a number of designs to chose from, even if it means paying a small token amount, and then being able to customize it in terms of colour and logo placement or something, it would go a really long way in personalizing the game.

    I for one wouldn’t mind checking out other stadiums and be impressed (or not) by the varied designs, just as in real life, when we visit other club grounds.

    And these designs don’t have to be limited to regular designs. They could be something crazy, eye-popping designs that wouldn’t really be practical in the real world but look really cool in the Top Eleven world.

    Guys, please think about it. Like I said, I wouldn’t mind paying, once I reach a certain level, for a design that’s different.

    And while we are on the topic of suggestions, can we have a little more variety and drama in the “Live match” commentary? I think I know most of the lines by heart by now, and it would be a great to read something like “Oh my word! He misses from three yards!” or “That could be the save of the season!” during a live match instead of just “And…Nothing! It’s wide of the post”.

    Cheers to everyone, and hope you all have as much fun as I have killing time on this game.

    1. Prabu, nice feedback man, very good.

      Yes I think that’s quite what we need, something a little more unique to make the difference between us and the rest. If all will have the same thing always, won’t be so fun anymore.

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