Successfully earning Tokens

The new season started today and we have for you exactly what you are looking for, a way to earn free token!                       

Before we start we would like to inform you that this is not written by us, at the end of guide you will find the credits for the guy who wrote it. Good luck!


1.0 | What you need
1.1 | What you must do
1.2 | What you should know

2.0 | The Interface
2.1 | What to do if you didn’t recieve your Tokens
2.2 | Earning Tokens by watching advertisements

3.0 | Frequently Asked Questions



  • You need a Top Eleven Account.
  • You need an E-Mail Address, I prefer Yahoo!, Google Mail or Microsoft Outlook. Tip: Create an E-Mail Address just for surveys as you will get bombed with advertisements!
  • You need a browser, I prefer Google Chrome because it has a great AutoFill Function which saves time.
  • You need lot of free time and patience.



  • You must allow cookies in your browser.
  • You must allow PopUps in your browser.
  • You must enable JavaScript in your browser (which is enabled by default).
  • Important: Disable your advertisement blocker! An advertisement blocker will block the trackers, you will most likely not recieve your Tokens if you have an advertisement blocker enabled!



  • Doing surveys or free offers takes a lot of time.
  • I recommend you to use real information in the offers. Using fake information may be against the laws. However I use a fake phone number in the offers because I don’t want to get advertisement calls from random companys.
  • Each country/region has their own offers. This means that if you live in Canada you may have more, less or different offers than a person which lives in Germany.
  • I strongly recommend you to make screenshots of all offers you have completed, as example downloaded programs or activation E-Mails. You will often need those screenshots as proof.
  • There are dead offers, some offers may not work, even though you completed all steps and contacted the support.
  • Important: Using a proxy or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to get more offers will make you get banned from the offer providers. Do not use proxys or VPNs!


Note: I’m living in Germany so the buttons, the offers and the text may be different for you. I’ve created a small picture to show you the main stuff. To access the interface, click “Win Tokens” next to the “Buy Tokens” button and then choose an offer-provider. I’ve choosen MATOMY as example.

1. Categorys of the offers.
2. The support button. If you click on it, you can see send in an inquiry.
3. The amount of Tokens you recieve for completing the offer.
4. Details on how to complete the offer.
5. Option to watch videos.

Another way of earning some tokens is watching advertisements and videos. To use this method, navigate to Top Eleven – Be a Football (Soccer) Manager and log-in. After Top Eleven has finished loading, click on the button which looks like the one under this text.

The video offers may be different. Sometimes you get 1 Token for 1 video, sometimes you must watch 3 or 4 videos for 1 Token. Just let the advertisement play and when it’s finished, either click “Next Video”, “Earn More” or “Close”. Tip: You must not actually watch the video, you can visit a different website or switch to another tab, just let the video play until the end.

Important: Sometimes you won’t recieve your Tokens even though you have watched the video. I don’t know what causes this, it’s probably the fault of the offer provider.

First, make sure you wait 24 hours, sometimes it could take up to one day until you recieve your tokens.

If you didn’t get your tokens after 24 hours, click on the button “Angebotsstatus prüfen”, in English it should be something like “Show offers”, “Inquiry”, “Offer Status” or something else, check the picture above to see what I mean. Remember: Every offer-provider is different and the buttons could be located somewhere else, but they all usually have that button.

After clicking the button, you should be able to see all your offers you clicked. If you’re missing the tokens on any of the offers, click on the offer/on the text beside the offer. Now you usually get instructions on how to send a support message, they often tell you to include proof (as example a screenshot of the E-Mail you’ve recieved after you registered on a website or a screenshot of the program you’ve downloaded). It depends by the offer and by the offer-provider.

Now you have to wait some days until they answer you or you recieve your Tokens.

Q: Is it guaranteed that you recieve Tokens after completing an offer?
A: No. Sometimes an offer doesn’t work or it is “dead”, which means that you won’t recieve your Tokens. Also, sometimes even proof of completing the offer will not help you on recieving your offer.

Q: How many tokens can I earn with free offers and surveys?
A: It depends. Offers credit you between 1 and ??? Tokens, while surveys often credit you between 5 and 100 Tokens. If you’re lucky, you can recieve over 100 Tokens per week!

Q: Do offers have viruses or trojaners inside?
A: Usually not. Some offers require you to download and install something and maybe even playing something and also programs are often filled with advertisements and toolbars. You can uncheck the installation of toolbars while running the setup.

Q: Can I earn tokens with my smartphone?
A: Yes, you can. You often have offers to download something and play it, but you also have some normal offers like surveys. On a side-note, smartphone offers don’t work too well for me. I never recieved any Tokens by completing a smartphone offer.

Q: Why do I keep getting disqualified on surveys?
A: You aren’t the person which they search for. Out of 30 surveys I only completed 6 surveys.

Q: Why are there no videos available to watch on
A: This depends on your country. Sometimes there are no videos available and sometimes you can only watch one or two videos a day.

I hope I helped some of you, if you follow the instructions and my tips the offers should work. Please post your feedback and questions in this thread. Happy earning!

Make sure you visit the official Top Eleven-Wiki, I’ve written a small article about surveys there. (Surveys – Top Eleven Official Wiki)

CREDITS: Incredipede ( user), official post here – [Tutorial] Successfully earning Tokens600x

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