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I am ready for the next contest and this time we will have a special reward for you. A rare emblem of the team Orlova FC.  

It’s gonna be a very easier contest and everything you will have to do to win this awesome emblem is to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


To register just click on this link – and SUBSCRIBE.


The lucky winner will be announced at the end of this week. Good luck!




  1. Hi.. I am Manager of Jembvt United ( @JembvtUnited ) now playing in level 36. Your logo so look awesome. I very interesting with your logo. I hope, can be a winner in this Contest 🙂

  2. Hi.. Nice to meet you. I am manager of Jembvt United, now playing in lvl 36, you can follow or join in Fans Page @Jembvt United. I just subcribe your channel in youtube. I very interesting with your logo. I hope can be a winner in this contest 🙂

  3. Hi All,,,
    I just want to say “I love so much more to play Top Eleven, this is the best game in the world” i hope my team Lovely 11 12 (level 9) will be succes in this season..
    Thx everyone…

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